Credit Cards and Travel Rewards Credit Cards

We all know what credit cards are. They allow us to spread the costs of big purchases by paying off a little each month. However, in doing this and not paying off the whole of your credit bill, you will incur interest charges. But how about a credit card which actually rewards you for spending on your credit card? Travel rewards credit cards do exactly that.

One of the greatest types of credit cards available to the millions of people who apply for them and use them is the Travel Rewards Credit Card. Travel rewards credit cards offer many advantages for using them over and above using a regular credit card; normally, you have to have good or better credit in order to achieve one. Thus, the ‘rewards’ part in the title. They’re like rewards given to those who can control their spending habits and keep their monthly balances paid off on time.

Travel rewards credit cards are very close to airline credit cards, except that airline credit cards give you points for every dollar you spend on airfare. Travel rewards credit cards give you points for every dollar you spend on traveling; this means flying, hotels, rental cars, sometimes even restaurants, depending on which card you choose to get. Another great thing is you can get discounts at hotels and rental agencies, as well as use your points you’ve earned from spending your dollars to get free things, such as a free vehicle rental for a day.

Most travel rewards credit cards have something called “flights” or “nights”. This lets you use your points for airfare (flights) or hotel specials (nights), since a lot of people have different preferences on what to spend their travel rewards points on.

There are three very good reasons to get a travel rewards credit card:

  1. Points you receive from spending money (which you’re doing anyways, before you get the card) are usable at hundreds of hotels (very good quality ones, too) and can be used for a vast number of airlines to buy tickets.
  2. You can receive frequent miles, and even get awarded bonus miles when you get a frequent flier account.
  3. The easiness and availability of travel rewards credit cards make them a great choice when considering vacations for you or the family, and trips for work.

Quite a few travel rewards credit cards give you really good bonuses for signing up or even shopping – almost as if showing you how it feels to be rewarded! How would it feel to get bonuses and rewards for doing your normal shopping? One example that we looked at gives you 6,000 reward points in your first membership year.

Some other travel rewards credit cards will give you double points (double of what you would normally get) when you make your normal, everyday purchases – grocery stores, some retail stores, gas stations, U.S. Post office, gas stations and even your cell phone bill. All this stuff you’re doing regularly now for nothing, when you can get rewards for doing it.

Travel rewards credit cards can benefit anyone: families, business owners, employees, customers, even just single people traveling for work: think of the benefits you could receive for this. Reward yourself.

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