Bridesmaids: Mismatched & Marvelous!

I was browsing articles at Manolo and found myself loving the Mismatched Bride thing. This means dressing your bridesmaids in one color but different styles, or picking one style and creating dresses in “carefully coordinating” colors, such as the photo below (which I LOVE). It reminds me of a friend who’s brother got married, and the bridesmaids were told to dress in “the colors of the ocean,” which I imagine would look something like this:

Notice that although the styles and colors (even patterns) are different, the hemlines are basically the same, giving it a cohesive look. I think that if you had long and short gowns, it might be a bit too much.

In this photo, also from Manolo, you’ve got brides wearing pretty much the same style dresses, but in  mix-n-match shades of blue. I think it’s a beautiful look and also gives your bridesmaids some degree of freedom in picking a gown.

The problem that some brides have with identical dresses in the same color is that it’s boring, predictable, and stiff. If you want something different but aren’t willing to give up the matching dresses, wearing patterned bridesmaids’ dresses is a fun way to go. You can choose from plaid, polka dot, floral, stripes, and more, like these pretty bridesmaids’ dresses from Dessy:

Bridesmaids\' dresses by Dessy
Here’s a bridal party looking quite chic and retro in stunning black and white dresses from Tory Burch. (Thanks KenzieKate for the image.)


While patterned dresses in knee-length design are fun and flirty, you can get a super glamorous look by letting the hem down to the floor. All of the sudden you go from “cute” to “WOW”! The dresses below will definitely stand out as different!


  1. I also like this idea, but I am wondering if the bride in the photo with the black and white dresses intended for the dresses to match the wallpaper! ( I like the bright yellow flowers for contrast, though)

  2. I’m all for the different neckline/silhouette same color bridesmaid. All cohesive but not too matchy-matchy