Credit Cards and Travel Rewards Credit Cards

We all know what credit cards are. They allow us to spread the costs of big purchases by paying off a little each month. However, in doing this and not paying off the whole of your credit bill, you will incur interest charges. But how about a credit card which actually rewards you for spending on your credit card? Travel rewards credit cards do exactly that. One of the greatest types of credit cards available to the millions of people who apply for them and use them is the Travel Rewards … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Own Bouquet

Simple touches can add elegance and beauty to any wedding.  But elegance doesn't need to add up to high costs.   My wife's sister arranged the flowers and bouquets for my wedding.  If you have a sister, or friend with a bit of an artistic touch, here's a great video on how to put together an elegant bride's bouquet with white roses, eucalyptus and beaded wire. … [Read more...]

Video- The perfect hair – it doesn’t happen overnight

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Video- A Ballerina talks about moving in your dress

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