Bridal Hairstyles for Curly Hair

You’re curls are part of you, and they should play a leading role in your wedding day style!

Long hair, Down & Loose

If you really want to be YOU on your wedding day, and “you” includes glorious, cascading curls, than you should definitely consider wearing your hair down. The key to getting this look right is achieving maximum fullness and luxuriously soft, super glossy curls.

The best way to do this, according to ModelBride, is the following way:

  • If you have wavy or curly hair you may consider having your hair washed and straightened the day before your wedding.
  • Avoid washing your hair the next morning and your hair should take, and hold the curls beautifully.
  • ModelBride stylists gathered medium sized sections of hair and sprayed them with setting lotion. Each section was then curled with a curling iron and pinned. Each curl was then unpinned and sprayed with hair spray to give each curl a polished look.
  • Either a dainty barrette or a couple of hair clips are nice complements for this dramatic style.
  • Even if your hair is thin, you can wear this style with the help of hair extensions.

Long Hair, Half-up

Here’s another look that works with curly, wavy, or straight hair. The curls are more relaxed, but the look is still elegant and beautiful.

  • If desired, use a large barrel curling iron all over her head to form ringlets. For the look below, stylists then went back through the hair with a crimping iron here and there.
  • Next, the hair was teased at the crown for some height and fullness then the top layer of hair was smoothed over the teased portion. Use a light hand here to maintain some texture.
  • The top and sides were then gently pulled back, twisted and loosely fastened with bobby pins.
  • For a chic finishing touch, the ModelBride stylists chose a crystal comb, placed in the hair at an angle in keeping with the relaxed style.

Curly Up-do

I love the look of a soft, romantic up-do, where the curls are just barely contained. These two styles, from ModelBride, are a classic look for any bride.

  • using both a medium and large barrel curling iron, the stylist formed soft ringlets in various sizes all around.
  • Next, the stylist ran her fingers through the hair to separate the strands into more delicate curls.
  • Then, the hair was pinned high on the head, leaving the curls loose at the top. Those loose ends were secured with more bobby pins to form a cascading up-do. Pearl hairpins were placed throughout, and bits of hair can also left out to frame the face, which is especially nice if you have bangs.

Short Hair, Worn in Curls

This look was created by a ModelBride stylist, for the bride with shorter hair, who wants to wear it loose and curly, but in a style that’s definitely “special occasion.” Your hair should be at least chin length for this style.

  • Section the hair into small strands and used a curling iron to create ringlets all over the head. Each curl was immediately sprayed with a setting lotion to keep it defined and to give shine to the hair.
  • Random sections were then pinned over and under each other to create depth and texture.
  • The bangs were gently combed off to the side and to balance the fullness, stylists arranged a three piece comb set behind her right ear.

More Curly Bridal Hair Ideas:

The following lovely hairdo’s are from The Knot:


  1. I like the pictures here. Here is another of Wendi Levy and her curls:

  2. None of these girls (except maybe 1 or two) have actual curly hair. They have straight hair that is curled. Totally different.

  3. Tali, this may be true, but even brides with naturally curly hair often have it “re-curled” with rollers or a curling iron before styling it. I watched this being done to my sister’s hair (which is naturally curly) just a couple weeks ago! This just enhances what nature gave you!

  4. Nope, that’s not curly hair AT ALL :)) I know curly hair when I see it. I’m living with it every day. The messy, frizzy, tameless curly hair. But the hair-dos are nice. 🙂

  5. I would like to see some real curly hair styles. I am getting married in the carribean. The stylist can try to recurl my natural curls but the humidity will do its own thing.