Black & White is always right!

No matter what the current trends dictate, black and white as a wedding color palette are always in style. Polished, sophisticated, and striking, black and white is also incredibly versatile: it lends itself to a modern, trendy theme just as easily as something more romantic or vintage. As a nod toward this season’s latest wedding trend, you can add a shimmery, silvery gray to your color scheme.

The simplicity of black and white is best suited to a classy, elegant affair. If you are planning a fun, laid-back, anything-goes type of party, you’ll probably want something brighter. But if you consider yourself a stylish, polished, worldly type of guy or gal, black and white will suit you perfectly! Here are some gorgeous photos from the Wedding Style Guide Issue 8 to inspire you!

Add a little crimson passion to the loosen up the stark black&white formality: