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Entertaining Kids at Weddings

Chances are that you might be having some kids at your wedding reception. There's always the Flower Girl and the Ring Bearer. If you are looking for some creative and fun ways to entertain your little guests (and help their parents have a good time at the party without having to worry about them) try these ideas: Jumping Castles If you are having an outdoor reception or using a very large hall, get one of those huge, inflatable Jumping … [Read more...]

Sweet Wedding Breakfast Ideas

A wedding breakfast... doesn't the thought just make you happy all over? I'm imagining white picnic benches covered with lacy tablecloths, real china, and fresh flowers... Set out in the yard, under the oak trees, behind the old family mansion... With guests arriving in exquisite pastel-colored frocks and drooping picture hates... and fresh squeezed juice and mouth-watering pastries, and strawberries and cream... and sunshine and blue skies and butterflies and birdsong... Could anything be … [Read more...]

Rose is for Romance

There's a reason that roses are the most popular wedding flower, especially for the bride's bouquet. They're soft, lovely, and classic, and come in myriad colors from pure white to soft pinks to blazing orange. The mix beautifully with other flowers, but look perfect all on their own. There are about 120 varieties of roses available commercially. Roses are also widely available and are reasonably priced (though some rare varieties can cost up to $10 per stem). And roses are suitable to every … [Read more...]

Colorful Summer Bridesmaids

Summer bridesmaids can get away with just about any color you like: icy cool blues, bright sunny yellows, hot fiery reds. Martha Stewart Weddings has done the work for you, creating a palette of bridesmaids dresses in every hue, for every mood. Click here to see each dress (and matching accessories) in detail! feature image from Manolo via  Watters … [Read more...]

Showered with *Eco-Friendly* Love

Showering the bride and groom with rice as they exit the ceremony is a time-honored tradition. But today's environmentally-friendly couple may wish to use something else, and there are plenty of other ways to send the newlyweds off with love and good fortune as they embark on their new life together. Here are some sweet, fun ideas! Scented Confetti Perfumed confetti will leave a delicate floral scent in your wake, via Martha Stewart. Punch kraft or construction paper using a decorative hole … [Read more...]

Ring Pillows: A special touch

I've never given much thought to ring pillows, but after seeing these sweet creations at Martha Stewart Weddings, I think they deserve more attention! And of course, a homemade ring pillow has lots more charm than most store-bought options. Choose a pretty fabric and sew your own (or enlist one of your crafty friends) from a pair of squares. Then create a tufted effect (which provides a spot for the rings to nestle) by adding a button and stitching all the way through. Attach the rings by tying … [Read more...]

Marriage: The Wonder Drug

How would you like to have a bottle of pills that could....? Increase life expectancy Lower a cancer patient's risk of dying from the disease Lower a surgical patient's risk of dying in the hospital Strengthen the immune system Decrease rates of schizophrenia, alcoholism and suicide A longer, healthier, more satisfying life Well this magic pill is not something you'll find at the drugstore, explains James Burg, Ph.D., an associate professor at Indiana University-Purdue, Fort … [Read more...]

Tigerlily’s Breathtaking Bridal Jewelry & Accessories

Looking for some totally unique, unbelievably gorgeous bridal bling... or just some wedding *inspiration*? Welcome to Tigerlily, where fairytale princess meets nature goddess, with "couture and inventive bridal jewelry and hair jewelry designs." All Tigerlilly bridal jewelry can be customized, and if you love the colored crystal trend, their Swarovski crystals are available in every shade you can imagine, plus natural gemstones and freshwater pearls. Gold is making a comeback, and nature is a … [Read more...]

Summer Wedding Fitness

It's summer time and wedding time... and whether you're the bride, the maid of honor, or just a guest bound for a beach wedding, you want to look your best! But don't fall for crash diets and 8-hour workout sessions... instead turn to to find out what the fitness experts suggest. Here are some of their secret weapons to help you get sexy for the season! Plan toward your Goal Chris Gaines of Equinox Fitness in Palo Alto, California offers these key steps: Set a goal: Get … [Read more...]