Sweet Wedding Breakfast Ideas

A wedding breakfast… doesn’t the thought just make you happy all over? I’m imagining white picnic benches covered with lacy tablecloths, real china, and fresh flowers… Set out in the yard, under the oak trees, behind the old family mansion… With guests arriving in exquisite pastel-colored frocks and drooping picture hates… and fresh squeezed juice and mouth-watering pastries, and strawberries and cream… and sunshine and blue skies and butterflies and birdsong… Could anything be sweeter?

First, the Food!

Since the actual meal will probably be closer to lunch-time than a breakfast, you’ll need to serve something substantial to fill those hungry tummies. It’s called a “breakfast” but you don’t want to serve just eggs and toast!! Consider having a light breakfast-type-food buffet for guests as they arrive (juice, fruit, pastries, coffee & tea, etc). Then later on, for the sit-down meal, go ahead and serve something more substantial… click here for some ideas to get you started!

Sample Menu from Regal Catering:

Sunday Sausage Baked Eggs

Bacon Strips

Cheese Blintz (served with assorted fruit toppings)

Mini Ham Biscuits

Cheese Grits

Breakfast Potatoes with choice of grilled onions or tri-colored bell peppers

Assorted Mini Muffins (blueberry, banana nut & bran)

Mini Bagels (accompanied by cream cheese, capers, salmon & red onion slices)

Fruit Display (served with lemon yogurt)

Here’s a super-fun idea to keep your guests busy and entertained, as they wait for the bride to make her grand entrance. From SimpleSavings.com:

Ask your guests to decorate trees. When my friend married
in a park, she asked her friends to each bring two colored
ribbons to hang in a tree when they arrived. It looked lovely,
and gave the guests something enjoyable to do. We used
the same idea with streamers. We bought 10 packets of
streamers for $2.00 each and while our friends were waiting
around before the ceremony, our MC asked them all to
decorate the trees with the streamers. It looked terrific and
everyone had a ball!

Favorite Favors!

Here are some adorable favors that you can put next to each place setting.  Each of them could easily be personalized and designed to match your wedding colors.  Please visit  No Fuss Fabulous for all the photo credits (and more fabulous wedding ideas)!


Did you have a wedding breakfast? Tell us about it!!

feature image from The Daily Green


  1. Wedding breakfasts do make me happy all over! Love your site! The sample menu made me hungry just looking at it! Very fun.