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Submerge your Flowers for Chic (and Cheap!) Centerpieces

You've just discovered that the centerpiece of your dreams is totally out of your price range. No matter, says InStyle Weddings! Jung Lee of Fete, an N.Y.C. planning, suggests replacing the more expensive flower with something similar but cheaper. Consider the color, height and texture you'd like and ask your florist to suggest a couple other options. French tulips may be your first choice, but gladioli would give you a similar look for half the price. And to cut costs even further, display them … [Read more...]

5 New Engagement Ring Trends

Diamond rings are always in style. The settings might change from season to season, but the current trends are simply new takes on an old theme. Whether your style is contemporary or classic, ornate or simple, these 5 trends will provide inspiration for everyone. After all, diamonds are forever... and diamonds are a girls best friend... so choose wisely! Shown: Tacori Vintage Engagement Rings Old Stones and antique settings prove that old is new again! Shown: Doyle & Doyle $2,950; … [Read more...]

Questions to Ask Before you say “I DO”

When you approach a marriage, you must be prepared to give it your all, but you also need to be sure there are no major "red flags" that will eventually doom your union. When a couple works together to build a strong, loving, respectful relationship, they really can overcome mountains... but you need to have a solid foundation to build on. Here are a list of questions you can ask yourself to ascertain whether there are any lurking issues that need to be worked out before you say "I do." 1. … [Read more...]

Mother of the Bride: Best Dressed!

Of course, no one should overshadow the bride on her wedding day, but everybody wants to look good at a wedding, especially the mother of the bride and groom! Here are some beautiful options for your mother, whether she is young and stylish or, hmm, just young at heart! There are many mother-of-the-bride styles to choose from, so take a look and see if one of our picks would work for your mom! Here we go... Long & Lovely For the elegant mom with a flair for drama! Montage … [Read more...]

The couple that prays together… stays together?

Christie Hadley, in an article from The Examiner, explores a concept presented in a lecture hosted by John and Patty Hadden: praying together as a couple. "Now I don’t know about you," she says, "But this makes me a little squirmy. I’m comfortable with personal prayer and knowing God on a personal level, but outside of Mass, I don’t usually pray with people." So what is it that has "Pray together" at the top of the list for a stronger marriage?  Some statistics say that couples who pray … [Read more...]

Bridal gowns for the full figure

Proud of your curves but having a hard time fitting them? Here's a great website,, for finding wedding gowns in larger sizes. They claim to be "the only on-line bridal store catering exclusively to the plus-size bride." Most gowns are in-stock and can be shipped within 5 days! Even better, if you are not satisfied with the dress, you can return it within 5 days and receive a full refund or exchange. They also carry accessories, veils, dyeable shoes, lingerie, and dresses for … [Read more...]

Black & White is always right!

No matter what the current trends dictate, black and white as a wedding color palette are always in style. Polished, sophisticated, and striking, black and white is also incredibly versatile: it lends itself to a modern, trendy theme just as easily as something more romantic or vintage. As a nod toward this season's latest wedding trend, you can add a shimmery, silvery gray to your color scheme. The simplicity of black and white is best suited to a classy, elegant affair. If you are planning … [Read more...]

Bridal Hairstyles for Curly Hair

You're curls are part of you, and they should play a leading role in your wedding day style! Long hair, Down & Loose If you really want to be YOU on your wedding day, and "you" includes glorious, cascading curls, than you should definitely consider wearing your hair down. The key to getting this look right is achieving maximum fullness and luxuriously soft, super glossy curls. The best way to do this, according to ModelBride, is the following way: If you have wavy or curly hair you … [Read more...]

Wedding Color Trends for Summer 2009

I f you're looking for something fresh and exciting, you're in luck! The popular wedding colors for summer 2009 are definitely  mixing it up a bit! Gray is taking over for brown, stealing center stage as the new neutral of choice. Lest you think of gray as drab and dreary, wedding stylists assure us us that it is THE hip, sophisticated foil for brighter colors. It's versatile, yet classic. Showcase you trendsetting tendencies by incorporating silver in shimmering fabrics, sparkling jewelry, … [Read more...]

First things First: Booking a Wedding Venue

If you are newly engaged and wondering where to begin the wedding planning process, one of the first things to sort out is where you will be getting married.  Along with your caterer, one of the biggest chunks of your budget will quite possibly go toward your wedding venue. Here are some points to keep in mind and some questions you may want to ask during your search, culled from How to choose a venue: 1.  Do you plan to marry in a church or synagogue, and then move somewhere … [Read more...]