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Back-lighting for Breathtaking Wedding Pictures

photo: hp_thornton on flickr A friend of mine got married last month and she just sent me some pictures from the wedding. The back lighting in some of them was so amazing I just had to share them with you. It creates a vibe that is super dramatic in some pictures, and lighthearted in others... but each one unique! Here are some of my favorites! (I will have to find out who the photographer was, to give credit where credit is due...) I loved this style so much I looked around … [Read more...]

Wedding Entertainment: Caricatures for all!

As an alternative to the traditional guest book, Wedding Dates wedding blog suggests a caricature signing board of the bride and groom. You can mount it on poster board or in a custom matting, put it in your reception foyer, and ask your guests to sign around it.  He suggests Irish artist Allan Cavanagh of Carcatures Island, but for those of us in the U.S. or other countries, I'm sure there are other amazing caricature artists available for this project. You can also use a caricature on your … [Read more...]

I Do Now I Don’t: Buy and Sell Engagement Rings (and more) at Great Prices!

Did you know that jewelers mark up rings two or three times over their wholesale cost? According to Joshua Opperman, founder of I Do Now I Don't, a $10,000 ring probably cost the jeweler $3,500. Why should you have to pay so much more than the ring is actually worth? Well now, couples looking to purchase their dream ring can do so without breaking the bank. And those couples who find themselves with a ring but no engagement, can find a place to re-sell their diamonds. How I wish I'd know … [Read more...]

Planing a Recession-style wedding

Photo from Arbutus Photography. Not to keep rubbing it in... but with the barrage of news stories like these, what can you expect!? Although some may say weddings are "recession-proof" (we can hope!) these headlines seem to differ.... Wine-country weddings, recession style Budget-minded brides seek out thrifty elegance Brides make mad dash for discounted wedding dresses Budget Brides: Planning a wedding during a recession 10 Ways to have a Frugal but Fabulous Wedding So we … [Read more...]

The Patriotic Wedding: In honor of Inauguration Day

Today, as we Americans welcome our 44th president, feelings of patriotism, pride, and hope for our country run strong. And what colors evoke these feelings better than the good old red, white, and blue of our "star spangled banner"? In honor of Inauguration Day, I thought it would be fun to take a look at what a wedding would look like, celebrated in the proud colors of the United States of American. Although mainly reserved for Fourth of July weddings, any red-blooded American can … [Read more...]

Unique Wedding Centerpieces for the DIY Bride

When it comes to DIY wedding flowers, there's one woman on the web who really knows her stuff. Louann has been a florist for over fifteen years, and her website, Wedding Flowers and Reception Ideas, shows you how you can create your own amazing bouquets and flower arrangements!  "Will it be hard work? Yes. Will you save money? Yes. Will you show me how? Yes . . . that's what this site is all about." After buying some books on the subject, she began making her own silk wedding flower creation … [Read more...]

Wedding Planning: Picking a date in 2009

If you just got engaged, congratulations!! You are probably anxious to get out the calendar and pick a date so you can start planning the festivities. But think twice before scheduling a wedding, as some dates, weekends, and religious holidays could pose a problem for you or your guests. The Knot provides a list of dates that you might consider wedding "blackout" dates. Holiday Weekends Holiday weekend weddings have pros and cons. You've got an extra day for the festivities (and recovery!); … [Read more...]

Just (Facebook) Friends

In an age where the internet (particularly Facebook and the like) is an often all-too-defining instrument in our personal relationships, one little mouse-click can get you into a sticky situation. On the She Knows message board, one regular poster talks about her husband's FB friendship with an ex-girlfriend: Ok, so somehow my husband's very first girlfriend found him on Facebook. Now he's corresponding with her via Facebook and email. How would you feel if your husband was doing this? When he … [Read more...]

2009 Wedding Trends from The Knot

2009 brings with it many things, including economic distress. But planning a wedding on a budget doesn't mean you have to skimp on style. Being creative and innovative will get you far in planning a wedding everyone will remember, and The Knot has a few tips on what's hot for 2009 Weddings! Rustic homespun details Outdoor weddings -- on a farm, in a vineyard, or even in the backyard -- are huge right now, and t's really no wonder: An outdoor setting makes for a fun, laid-back vibe and the … [Read more...]

Rituals in Marriage: An indication of your special bond

When I think about the word "romance" I tend to think about things like... a wedding day or a honeymoon... an unexpected love note, a surprise gift, or a special anniversary candle-lit dinner. What do these things have in common? They are all once-in-a-lifetime or even once-in-a-while events, and this is what seems to make them special. But does something need to be a novelty or a surprise to make it special and romantic? Karen Sherman, Ph.D., (,a practicing … [Read more...]