The Patriotic Wedding: In honor of Inauguration Day

Today, as we Americans welcome our 44th president, feelings of patriotism, pride, and hope for our country run strong. And what colors evoke these feelings better than the good old red, white, and blue of our “star spangled banner”?

In honor of Inauguration Day, I thought it would be fun to take a look at what a wedding would look like, celebrated in the proud colors of the United States of American. Although mainly reserved for Fourth of July weddings, any red-blooded American can incorporate a few stars and stripes into their wedding scheme.

First things first: Invitations!

You can go all out with the American Flag ribbon invitation, or just incorporate the colors in something a bit more subtle, like the Red Heart design from Paper Orchid, or elegant navy blue from Fine Papers.

Deck the Halls with Red, White, and Blue!

Wedding Photo USA recommends decorating with American Flags, sparklers, red white and blue balloons, red and white checkered tablecloths, and picnic baskets filled with flowers. Remember, an outdoor reception makes it possible to view the farewell fireworks display! (Candles from Candles Just Online, roses from Lilies n Roses.)

Serve America’s Favorite Foods

No, I am not referring to hot dogs and fries, although if you’re going casual you might consider that!  For something slightly more elegant but still full of American flavor, Wedding Photo USA recommends a barbecue with shrimp, salmon, beef ribs, chicken breasts. Throw your veges on the grill too, such as barbecued beans and corn on the cob. Mix up some red and blue drinks and  Dessert can include strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream. And of course, they don’t say “American as apple pie” for nothing!

Pretty, Patriotic Pastries

All dressed up in stars and stripes, your wedding cake (compliments of Flickr) will join in the celebration, or you can do wedding cupcakes iced in red, white, and blue, like these from Quirky Cupcake!

The Beautiful Bridesmaids

Both of the bridesmaids dresses pictured below are from The Knot.  I like the idea of mixing and matching dresses so some are in blue and some are in red… the bride, of course, provides the white contrast! They can also wear red dresses and carry blue and white flowers, or vice versa.

The All-out American Bride!

And of course you’ve been anxiously awaiting the patriotic wedding gown! Oh yes indeedy, it’s an American-flag inspired dress, for the superhero– I mean super patriot– in you!

The All-out American Groom!

And… don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the groom and his attendants! While it actually is possible to buy a red tuxedo, I don’t recommend it. Navy blue is better. Or, just go for a white shirt with red or blue tie and vest. Even better, pledge your allegiance to a formal tie and cummerbund set that flaunts the beauty of the American flag, like this one tuxedos direct.

Good-bye Goodies

Package your wedding favors in boxes that match the theme, like the red box kits from American Bridal.  Then you can fill them with something like these milk chocolate stars & stripes balls from oh nuts! (only $8.99 for approximately 80 pieces). Yummy!


  1. I would really like to know how much this dress is and were i could find one please email me with some information on this, thank you

  2. OMG I love the american flag wedding dress!!! I want one!!! How and where to do get one?? Please contact me back asap!!

  3. This is too good to be true! Where can I get a dress like that?

  4. Where can I find a dress like that? Planning a July 4th wedding.

  5. The American dress is done by Lady Roi bridal. Here is a link to a similar one, I haven’t found that exact one yet but I am still looking.

  6. I love that dress!!!!!! my fiance and I met at our local vfw he being a retired and me serving the ladies auxilly would love to have a patriotic wedding that dress would be perfect I hope it does not cost too much
    thank you,

  7. I saw the patriotic wedding dress and loved it. I am getting married on July 3 and would love to know how much and where I can purchase this dress.

    Thank you.

  8. I didn’t have THAT dress, but I did have one from the same line. is my blog showing some of our wedding pics from 7-4-08

    The dress is Lady Roi, and I bought mine at TJ formals. I had a VERY HARD TIME finding that dress. I think it might be discontinued now!

  9. uncle sam says:

    This is the most hideous wedding dress I have ever seen. Maybe if you live down south and want to get married in your double wide this is the dress for you. Does this come in confederate flag?

  10. anyways i think the dress is beautiful, my husband and i decided to have a wedding kinda of military style since im in the military, and im plainng to buy this dress for its beauty, poeple that say its ugly cuase they cant rock like i am going to but i know im plaining to.

  11. Please tell me where I can find this wedding dress and how much it cost! Please!

  12. Im getting married July 5th 2012, that will mark mine and fiance’s 4 years together, it means alot to us because thats the day he ask me to be his girlfriend, and the day he ask me to marry him, so we figured it was the perfect day to plan it..and I would really love if someone who please tell me where I can find this dress, who one that is on the order of this? It would just go perfect w/ my bridesmaids and decorations!? thanx

  13. patsy torres says:

    im getting july the fourth and i would really luv to know were i can buy this dress and ho much ..thank u