Love in the Mail: How to let him know you’re thinking about him

Is your boyfriend/fiance/husband away on a business trip? Visiting his parents? Part of a traveling circus? There’s nothing like a care package to let him know you’re thinking about him, and no one knows more about sending love via the mail than the wives and girlfriends of U.S. military men. Here are some of their tips (compliments of iVillage) to melt his heart when you are miles apart.

Something Essential: If he’s in the military, chances are he’d appreciate some toilet paper that doesn’t feel like sandpaper, or snacks that won’t spoil, like beef jerky.

Something fun: If he’s traveling a lot, try burning a CD of stand-up comedy or some of his favorite music. On impulse, one woman even sent her boyfriend a yo-yo, which the whole troop loved. “I hear they passed that thing around until someone dropped it and it broke… he still has it in his drawer as a reminder that love can be shown in many ways.”

Something yummy: “Cookies! Two dozen fit right inside two Gladware containers. I make his favorite kind and let cool. Then, I line the inside of each container with Saran Wrap, leaving enough to cover the cookies. I pack them inside (carefully), then cover with the excess Saran Wrap. They will stay fresh for days and days that way. I’ve even sent them overseas! Trust me, every man appreciates cookies.”

Something cuddly: “Once, I sent my oldest teddy bear with a note saying ‘It’s for the lonely times. Big boys need stuffed toys too!'”

Something personal: One woman wrote out memories of their time together, stories, and private jokes on index cards, so he could look at them whenever he needed a pick-up. Another one would include little mementos, like the ticket stubs from their last movie together. And one romantic girl puts her perfume on the letters she sends, because “he gets excited over anything that smells or looks like home.”

Something for every day of the week: “I include letters in separate envelopes. Each envelope has a certain theme to help him along: sad, lonely, sick and always a funny one– the ‘angry at me’ stack.” Another girlfriend sends notes with different dates to read t hem…. “in case the mail is slow I know he’ll have something new from me every day!”


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