Why are you still single?

That headline caught my eye! Even though I am married, I have a single sister and many single friends! so I read with interest this ivillage article called "5 Love Mistakes that Are Keeping You Single". I thought Sherry Amatenstein's advice was sensible, and if you can't seem to find true love, her commentary might give you the help you need to make a change.  "If one or two sound familiar," she says, "Don't beat yourself up.  Just recognize that you deserve better and commit to making a … [Read more...]

Love in the Mail: How to let him know you’re thinking about him

Is your boyfriend/fiance/husband away on a business trip? Visiting his parents? Part of a traveling circus? There's nothing like a care package to let him know you're thinking about him, and no one knows more about sending love via the mail than the wives and girlfriends of U.S. military men. Here are some of their tips (compliments of iVillage) to melt his heart when you are miles apart. Something Essential: If he's in the military, chances are he'd appreciate some toilet paper that doesn't … [Read more...]