I wouldn’t want a child-free wedding!

I ran across this gossip item, informing me that Eddie Murphy and Tracy Edmonds got married in a New Years’ ceremony sans children. Not just anyone’s kids, but even their own (he has six kids and she has two)! I don’t get it. I don’t understand how anyone could exclude their own children, but I also think it’s stuffy and horrid to exclude children from weddings in general. What is sweeter than some starry eyed little girls gazing adoringly at the glowing bride? How cute are those little flower girls and ring bearers? How can you have a celebration without those neices and nephews, godchildren, neighbors, etc, who are such a happy part of your life? None of your adult friend and relatives will contributes the type of joy and enthusiasm to your wedding that the kids will. When I got married, I invited all my friends to bring their kids along. It wouldn’t have been complete without them!



  1. Joy and enthusiasm hrm? My step nephew’s Girlfriend O The Week’s kids were enthusiastically tearing the place apart. My cousin’s daughter joyfully puked on the floor in the reception room. Several unknown babies enthusiastically squalled during the entire ceremony. You can keep that kind of joy and enthusiasm. I wanted a childfree wedding but caved in to family pressure to avoid “offending” anyone. Of course, no one seemed to mind that their kids totally offended me by being ill behaved, rude, obnoxious, and completely out of control. And the best part? I got to pay for not only their food, but the damage they caused. Trust me those kids were not “happy parts” of my life before the wedding, and they certainly weren’t during. I value the presence of my adult friends 100 times over the presence of someone’s screaming kid.

  2. Oh my gosh, you poor thing!! I agree that no one needs that type of childish joy and enthusiasm, and I’m sorry they put a damper on your celebration. I should have specified that the kids I want at my wedding are the kids that actually ARE “happy parts” of my life, and not random kids (family or otherwise) who’s behavior is rude and unpredictable.

  3. The important thing to remember is that the couple getting married gets to have the wedding they want. And if that means no kids, that means no kids — no matter how horrid that may seem to you.

    Not everyone thinks a wedding is about family and children. Many couples want their day to be about love, commitment and partnership. They want a party where all their guests can relax and have fun with each other, not be constantly distracted by having to change a diaper, chase a toddler, or deal with a tantrum.

    And if not being able to bring their kids along is a dealbreaker for some guests, then the hosting couple should understand that and not get mad. After all, if you had a wedding on a yacht you wouldn’t expect someone who suffers from bad seasickness to come!

    It’s simple: people throwing the party get to have the kind of party they want, and invitees who don’t like it have every right to not come.

  4. How refreshing your comment is. I also believe that a wedding is about family. If adults want their own childfree time, let them organise it, but children are people too. This whole discrimination and stereotyping of children screaming and tantruming as if that’s all they do is SO sad. It’s not as simple as the last reply puts it. People get hurt and offended when their children are not invited, especially when they are family of the marrying couple. Having a right not to come is not always taken up by people who are hurt by this whole concept, because they do believe in family. They do believe that it is not right to upset the family members getting married. But are often astounded and confused about how family can make such rude selfish decisions. Just because it is “their day” does not give anyone the right to act how they like regardless of who gets hurt.