Weddings & Kids: All you need to know!

I've been to many weddings, my own included, where kids were welcome guests who were expected to pretty much do their own thing and enjoy the wedding like everyone else. No separate children's room, no special activities, no kiddie meals. The kids sat with the parents and ate adult fare (most kids are fine with a roll, some chicken or fish, a vegetable-- although they usually eat a lot less than adults). When they got too tired to participate any longer (in any positive way, at least!) they were … [Read more...]

Entertaining Kids at Weddings

Chances are that you might be having some kids at your wedding reception. There's always the Flower Girl and the Ring Bearer. If you are looking for some creative and fun ways to entertain your little guests (and help their parents have a good time at the party without having to worry about them) try these ideas: Jumping Castles If you are having an outdoor reception or using a very large hall, get one of those huge, inflatable Jumping … [Read more...]

I wouldn’t want a child-free wedding!

I ran across this gossip item, informing me that Eddie Murphy and Tracy Edmonds got married in a New Years' ceremony sans children. Not just anyone's kids, but even their own (he has six kids and she has two)! I don't get it. I don't understand how anyone could exclude their own children, but I also think it's stuffy and horrid to exclude children from weddings in general. What is sweeter than some starry eyed little girls gazing adoringly at the glowing bride? How cute are those little flower … [Read more...]