Autumn Wedding Part II: Gowns and Accessories

Autumn’s colors and glowing and vibrant, and the fall bride should be glowing and vibrant too! Winter will be here soon enough, so forget the snowy white, virginal look for now, and mix in some glorious fall color! Passionate reds, flaming yellow, mossy greens and earthy browns, sparkling with glints of gold and copper.

Gold: If you want subtle color in the place of white or ivory, consider a gold toned gown… or simply add a golden sash to warm up a traditional white dress. Add antique gold earrings, bangles, or pearls, and you’re ready to walk down the isle.

Red: Nothing says “romance” like red! The bold bride won’t be afraid to buck tradition and go for an all-out red gown. They are being seen more and more these days.  But red sashes, trimmings, accessories, flowers, or jewelry can also be used to add a touch of fire to a white dress.

Orange: I have heard of pumpkins, maple leaves, and orange gerbera daisies gracing a fall wedding. But an orange wedding gown… Well, why not?! The orange-loving bride can step out of the ordinary and don an orange dress like the feisty, free-spirited bride below.

Green: The bright lime green of spring is not this season’s shade. Fall’s inspirations are mellow ferns or deep, rich evergreen.  The leaves are changing color but dark green endures as a beautiful fall color.

Earth-tones: I have yet to see a brown wedding dress. But dark chocolate or hazel colored sashes look lovely with any gown, especially cream or coffee colored. (The groom will look handsome in a matching chocolate suit or tux!)

Accessories and Jewelry: Gleaming gold, iridescent pearls, flashing jewels… the colors of fall are warm and bright. A gold leaf and pearl choker, little flower earrings, gold leaf pin, and bangle bracelets turn any fall bride into a queen for a day!

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  1. the red dress on the top left is AWESOME!!! where do i find it?!

  2. The bottom left green dress

  3. where do you get the bootom left green dress from it is absolutly gorgeous

  4. The photo of the red dress is from The green dress is from… but I don’t know where you can buy either of these dresses!! Good luck!

  5. lisa holleger says:

    i’m trying to figure out where i can find the white and green strappless dress. i would like to know if the dress comes in different colors im hopeing orange or maroon.

  6. what designer or where can i get the white dress with the gold ribbon? where the girl is leaning her hand on the wall?
    it’s for my future sister-in-law and she loves it, and can’t find it anywhere !
    please help 🙂

  7. Stacey says:

    can you tell me what the name of the red two toned dress is from & how can I buy it?


  8. I like orange!

  9. My wedding colors are orange and white and im having the hardest time trying to find a orange and white gown. Can any one give me some suggestions?????

  10. Where can I get the cream dress with the gold sash? The one where the model is by the window with her hand on the wall. I’ve been looking for hours but I can’t find it. Please help!