A Golden Treasure Found Online – PrimeStyle.com

Like many girls, I had all sorts of ideas and plans about my wedding long before I even met my Mr. Perfect.  Since I wasn't much of a ring girl, I couldn't imagine myself wearing an engagement ring - my thought was to get another piercing in my ear when the time came, and get an engagement earring instead.  Well, as it happened, when the time came, I was up and ready for a proper engagement ring, a classic one, right on my finger.  But now I had to catch up for lost time, for all those years I … [Read more...]

10 Exquisite Handmade Touches for your Wedding

It's frustrating when you know just what you want but can't find it anywhere. That's when sites like Etsy are simply amazing-- you can find someone to make just about anything, just the way you want it! From gowns to veils to slippers to invitations, these talented artists and artisans  can bring your vision to life. Here are just a few of the gorgeous wedding things I've found by browsing Etsy! 1. Custom Alencon Lace Wedding Jacket - Short or Capped Sleeves by GlorybyJeannieLee:  "The … [Read more...]

Unique & Fun Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

You have many things on your mind while planning a wedding, but don't forget to say thank you to the bridesmaids who have stood by your side through it all! A small (or large!) bridesmaid gift will let her know how much you appreciate all her loving help and support. Choose something special that she will treasure throughout her life. It doesn't have to be expensive, just something thoughtful that you think she'll like. It's best to buy the same gift for everyone, but you can personalize it … [Read more...]

Bridal Adornments: Something Different, Something Blue

A white gown, shimmering veil, and dazzling tiara are perfect for some brides. Then there are those who want a black dresses, leather boots, and peacock feathers. Whatever your fashion style is, here are some fabulous online shops to buy bridal jewelry and accessories that will dazzle and delight every bride! * Do you have a bridal accessory website that's too great not to share? Please let us know about it in the comment section below! * Portobello Bridal Collection This website … [Read more...]

White, with a Splash of Color

Although colored wedding gowns are one of today's popular bridal trends, there is something special about wearing an all-white wedding dress (by "white" I am of course including shades of white too, like cream and ivory).  But if you are thinking "white equals boring," think again! It can be anything but dull, especially when you throw in dashes of color in charming, sometimes unexpected places! Shoes Colored shoes peeping out from below are one of the easiest (and most fun) ways to add color … [Read more...]

Ethical Jewelry: Know what you’re buying

If you are headed toward an engagement, or are engaged already but still looking for the right ring or other bridal jewelry, there are other things to think about aside from style, price, and size of the rock!  Whether your personal values have led you to follow a more environmentally and socially conscious lifestyle, or you just want to do your part in making the world a better place, consider buying an "ethical" - not just beautiful - engagement ring. It’s amazing, points out Katherine … [Read more...]

Tigerlily’s Breathtaking Bridal Jewelry & Accessories

Looking for some totally unique, unbelievably gorgeous bridal bling... or just some wedding *inspiration*? Welcome to Tigerlily, where fairytale princess meets nature goddess, with "couture and inventive bridal jewelry and hair jewelry designs." All Tigerlilly bridal jewelry can be customized, and if you love the colored crystal trend, their Swarovski crystals are available in every shade you can imagine, plus natural gemstones and freshwater pearls. Gold is making a comeback, and nature is a … [Read more...]

Autumn Wedding Part II: Gowns and Accessories

Autumn's colors and glowing and vibrant, and the fall bride should be glowing and vibrant too! Winter will be here soon enough, so forget the snowy white, virginal look for now, and mix in some glorious fall color! Passionate reds, flaming yellow, mossy greens and earthy browns, sparkling with glints of gold and copper. Gold: If you want subtle color in the place of white or ivory, consider a gold toned gown... or simply add a golden sash to warm up a traditional white dress. Add antique gold … [Read more...]

Packing and Traveling with the Dress (and Tux!)

Packing a suitcase so you're clothes won't wrinkle is always somewhat challenging, but it's that much worse when you're trying to pack a wedding gown or a tux! MyWeddingFavors brings us some tips from Elite Weddings magazine, for brides who want to travel with their gown and accessories instead of having a professional ship them. 1)  If you’re flying, it’s best to carry your wedding garments on the plane as opposed to packing them in luggage.   Store the gown in a first class closet.  If you … [Read more...]

Bride Accessories: Putting the “Oooh!” into Something Blue!

Something old, something new Something borrowed, something blue And a silver sixpence in her shoe. According to Yahoo Answers, "blue has been connected to weddings for centuries. In ancient Rome, brides wore blue to symbolize love, modesty, and fidelity. Christianity has long dressed the Virgin Mary in blue, so purity was associated with the color. Before the late 19th century, blue was a popular color for wedding as evidenced in proverbs like, "Marry in blue, lover be true." Quaint as … [Read more...]