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Havin’ a Good Time with Wedding Videos!

Most wedding videos I've seen are  pretty similar, some more interesting than others, some downright boring (unless you happen to be the bride or groom). But this one, which I found on Polka Dot Bride, is awesome. Tired of simple wedding videos? Make a production out of it like Brian and Eileen did! Brian & Eileen's Wedding Music Video. from LOCKDOWN projects on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Weddings

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday! At the turn of the century, Thanksgiving week was one of society’s grandest periods of social functions, according to Creative Bride, and getting married just before or just after Thanksgiving was highly fashionable. Today, a holiday wedding has its challenges and bonuses. For example, Thanksgiving weekend is the busiest travel time of the year, so travel plans would have to be finalized well in advance. However, family members … [Read more...]

Bride and the City

Thinking about wedding photography often conjures up images of the bride surrounded by blooming things, embracing her beloved on a deserted beach, frolicking through a grassy meadow, or posing with family in front of blue, wide open skies. But if you are getting married in the big city, there may be no grass, trees, or wide open skies to be found. So what kind of backdrop will you choose for your pictures? Gaping tourist in the background, toting an "I LOVE NY" bags, for one thing! Kristin … [Read more...]

Do you need some SPANX?

Because if you do, now's the time to get them with free shipping (until January 6, 2009)! We all know that what you are wearing looks only as good as what's underneath it, and that's especially true with a wedding gown or other formal wear! So, if you need some body shapers, supportive bras, stockings, or other slimming apparel, Spanx will keep you sizzling hot even when it's co-o-o-old outside! Thanks to the Relentless Bride for the head's up on free shipping! We like free stuff! … [Read more...]

From paper to person: Evolution of a designer wedding dress has a sweet new feature (brought to my attention by Manolo) called Sketch to Dress, where wedding gown designers’ sketches and the end result of their work are posted side by side. Never teh Bride asks, "Do you ever find that the finished product is disappointing when compared to the sketch?" I personally think many of the dresses look better in the designer's head (transfered to paper) than the actual dress looks after it's made. But that is always the challenge of the artist: … [Read more...]

Wedding footwear: Sexy AND Ethical!

Locally grown flowers, vegan meals, and wearing your grandmother's wedding gown... it's all part and parcel of the green wedding trend. But if you really want to go the full mile, tread carefully... in ethical wedding footwear, that is! If you (like me) have never heard of such a thing, it goes something like this, according to wishpot weding blog (she got her own ethical wedding shoes from Beyond Skin): As well as making gorgeous shoes coveted by the likes of Natalie Portman, Beyond Skin’s … [Read more...]

Must Have: Wedding Day Checklist

You've reached the final countdown and things are falling into place! But sometimes it's the little things brides tend to forget that cause the biggest disasters. Use this wedding day checklist from to get organized and save yourself some headache on the big day itself! HAIR AND MAKEUP Hairstyle and makeup artists help put your wedding day look together, but you need to do your part too! If you pack the essentials, you won't get caught with streaky foundation from your tears of … [Read more...]

We’re Engaged! Now what?!

Congratulations on your engagement! You're basking in the happy anticipation of your new life together and looking forward to your wedding day. You're envisioning yourself clad in white (or cream? or lilac?) holding a lovely bouquet of-- roses? calla lilies? wild flowers? -- as your mom and bridesmaids (sister? cousin? best friend from college?) beam at you in their matching bridesmaids dresses (pink? brown? long? short?). And then it dawns on you: Planning a wedding involves lots and lots of … [Read more...]

Two years later, the honeymoon is officially over!

According to new research, the happy honeymoon ends after exactly two years, six months, and 25 days. It's not that things come crashing down into irreparable fragments, it's just that couples get into a rut and start taking each other for granted. Researchers found that after second wedding anniversary, men are far more likely to leave dirty washing on the floor and the toilet seat up, while women stop wearing make-up, slouch around in pyjamas and hog the TV remote control. By the third … [Read more...]

Reaching the climax: The Mysterious O

Well, Americans have a new president, and we can hope change is on the way. There's one area that many would agree could use a change for the better: women's sex life. According to HitchedMag's 3-part article on The Mysterious Orgasm: Many studies, including a 2001 global study of sexual behavior with over 27,000 participants revealed that orgasmic dysfunction is more the norm than the exception. One-third of all women have never experienced orgasm, while the second third had experienced … [Read more...]