Thanksgiving Weddings

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday!

At the turn of the century, Thanksgiving week was one of society’s grandest periods of social functions, according to Creative Bride, and getting married just before or just after Thanksgiving was highly fashionable.

Today, a holiday wedding has its challenges and bonuses. For example, Thanksgiving weekend is the busiest travel time of the year, so travel plans would have to be finalized well in advance. However, family members may already be planning to come together for the holiday, which would make things a lot easier . Attending a wedding at the same time would be a plus.

Thanksgiving is poignant and full of spirit. It’s more than just a time of turkey and football. It’s a time of reflection and sharing, and the brides of more than a hundred years ago may have been on to something. A Thanksgiving week wedding would be full of tradition and family bonding and love worn on heart sleeves. Giving thanks for life’s blessings by choosing that time to become united, would no doubt feel especially empowering.

Incorporating the beauty of autumn and Thanksgiving into your wedding is easy as… pumpkin pie, of course. Use colors like red, gold, rust, burgundy, brown, tan, dark orange, and yellow. AC suggests using fall flowers like mums, yarrow, daises, and roses, along with colored leaves, to create decorations and bouquets. Add pheasant feathers, tallow berries, and dried wheat to your autumn bridal bouquet for a more complete look.

Decorations for a Thanksgiving wedding include:

  • Groups of gourds and pumpkins placed around the room
  • Wheat sheaves
  • Pumpkins: not only orange! You can find some in natural white or blue
  • Cornucopias filled with seasonal produce and plants
  • Sculpture pilgrim shoes (complete with buckle) set amidst carefully arranged autumn leaves and flowers
  • Simple flower arrangements, like daisies or cream roses, in fall-colored vases make nice centerpieces. Instead of greenery, use pheasant feathers and wheat stalks as backdrop for the flowers.
  • Create a white candle arrangement mixed with cinnamon sticks and tied with fall colored ribbons.

For dinner, you can serve a hearty seasonal meal, which probably should not include turkey. Some serving suggestions, from AC and wedding photo USA:

  • Soup served in a hallowed out pumpkin is unique and festive
  • Roasted quail for the meat eaters
  • mushroom ragout for vegetarians
  • marinated pork roast with mashed potatoes
  • honey glazed butternut squash, baby carrots, green beans
  • Warm apple cider or mulled wine are excellent drinks.
  • Dessert can be pumpkin pie or baked apple dessert.

The Cornucopia of Harvest Wedding Inspiration from Manolo for the Brides:

Candied apples mak a fun wedding favor that’s pretty AND delicious!

A glorious crimson and gold table combination by NJDesign:

Isn’t this home-style Thanksgiving table awesome?! I love how the brick wall and floor, drapes, and sofa all match the season’s colors!

For a more modern look:


  1. Grat ideas for a Thanksgiving wedding.

  2. Everything so cute and intimate. Nothing extra! And candy-apples which became the classic of fall weddings itself. It looks like the wedding of old victorian or piligrim’s days…
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