Wedding Planning: Plan on being Gorgeous

Waking up on your wedding day to confront an outbreak of acne is high on the list of any bride’s worst nightmare. Some things you don’t want to leave to luck. With a little forethought and care, you can avoid certain beauty disasters.

Want to be a gorgeous bride? AisleDash offers five beauty routines you can start right away, so that you can be “radiant and lovely on the Big Day.”

1. Exercise and get enough sleep:We all know the benefits of exercise, but in the pre-wedding rush, many brides forget how important sleep is in maintaining your body’s natural balance. Exercising, adequate sleep (as well as eating right and drinking plenty of water) will contribute to a peaceful state of mind, a trimmer physique, and a glowing complexion.

2. Visit a doctor: if you have skin problems, you might want to see a dermatologist who can recommend a new skin care product or procedure. Book your appointment in advance to make sure you have plenty of time to reap the benefits.

3. Stay out of the sun: A sun-kissed glow may look pretty, but dark suntans are out of style. If you still want a hint of color, try a self-tanner… but don’t experiment the day before the wedding!

4. Get your brows in shape: Beautifully sculpted brows can transform your face. If they’ve been misshaped, they will need time to grow in correctly, so find a stylist who can help you grow them and shape them. Three months should be enough time to do the trick.

5. Treat yourself right:
  A massage may sound like a luxury, but a relaxed bride is a lovely bride. Not only that, massage therapy can help reduce stress, improve posture, boost your immune system and decrease anxiety.