The Knit Wedding Dress

I am not a knitter. The closest I came to creating my own clothes was a sewing class I took when I was about 13.  The crowning glory of my creative adventure was a moss green dress with a ruffle around the neck, a ruffle around the bottom, a sash, and gold trimming. It was awful, but I wore it proudly.

Apparently back in the day my sense of style was severely under-developed. But if you are a style-conscious bride who enjoys knitting (like this one and this one and this one) I’m sure the thought of knitting your own wedding gown is enticing.

There are some beautiful knit gowns out there. This knitted gown has a beautiful skirt but I personally don’t care for the bodice. Yesterknitshas a really beautiful crochetted vintage wedding dress pattern for sale.  (Click on “Crochet Samples,” then “Dress and Suits,” and then “Long Sleeved Dresses.” Second to last pattern on the page!)