Getting your Beauty Sleep: Banishing Pre-Wedding Jitters

Getting a good night's sleep (6-8 hours per night) is crucial for your health, and too much or too little is known to cause problems in many areas.  Among the negative effects caused by sleep deprivation are a weaker immune system, weight gain, memory loss, and increase in stress-related disorders such as ulcers, constipation, and heart disease. And on a more superficial note, sleep deprivation can wreak havoc on your looks, causing dark circles or bags under your eyes, make your skin … [Read more...]

Affordable Ways to De-stress

We don't need to tell YOU how stressful planning a wedding can be.  If you are feeling, exhausted, overwhelmed, and stretched beyond your budget, you may be wondering how to loosen up without spending even more money.  A deep-tissue massage at the spa or dinner and a movie with your girlfriends might do the trick, but it will cost you! Here are some ideas from AllHealthcare, via Four White Mice to help you relax with an easy conscience. It's good for you and your relationships, too! feature … [Read more...]

Wedding Planning: Plan on being Gorgeous

Waking up on your wedding day to confront an outbreak of acne is high on the list of any bride's worst nightmare. Some things you don't want to leave to luck. With a little forethought and care, you can avoid certain beauty disasters. Want to be a gorgeous bride? AisleDash offers five beauty routines you can start right away, so that you can be "radiant and lovely on the Big Day." 1. Exercise and get enough sleep:We all know the benefits of exercise, but in the pre-wedding rush, many … [Read more...]