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Are you a Harried, Hurried and Hungry Newlywed…?

"Dear Harried, Hurried and Hungry Newlywed: Have you thought about your dinner plans for tonight? If so, did those thoughts bring a smile to your face or a knot in your stomach? Will it be a quick trip to a nearby fast food joint on the way home this evening? Take out? Or maybe you're going to take a couple of hours out of your schedule and swallow a $20, $40 or even $60 bill for dinner at a "nice" restaurant because you would like to think you are eating healthier. But your plans certainly … [Read more...]

Santa wants to marry you…

Maybe it's just me, but I have always thought I proposal should be romantic. It doesn't have to be creative. No skywriting, no jumping out of cakes, no fortune cookies involved... just some moonlight, maybe a bottle of champagne, a nice diamond :-) Apparently some people disagree. Like this gentleman who switched places with a mall Santa and asked his bride to marry him while adjusting his long, white, curly beard. With an audience who applauded when she said "Yes." Well, I kind of like the … [Read more...]

Winter Wedding Wonderland

  Ah, winter. Crips air, steely skies, swirling snowflakes, evergreens and berries... tis the season for... weddings! (Tis always the season for weddings!) Here are some beautiful wintery ideas for your wedding.I thought I'd start with the invitations, naturally. I looked around online but couldn't find any wintery, snow-flakey invitations that I loved! Help me out, if you have any gorgeous winter-themed invites! Anything in white, silver, blue, navy, purple, red... snowflakes … [Read more...]

So hot, they’re red hot!

There's an old poem that goes, "Married in white, you will have chosen all right... Married in red, you’ll wish yourself dead." Well, Red Hot Brides will tell you how out-dated and ridiculous that is! Today's bride who weds in red is choosing the color of passion, true love, and loyalty. Red Hot Brides is a website dedicated to the bride who dares to be different. Whether you chose a white dress edged in red, or go all out in head-to-toe crimson, if the color red gets your heart thumping, … [Read more...]

A Toilet Wedding

Sometimes, going the whole nine yards is really taking things too far.  Take for example Jennifer Cannon of Lexington, Kentucky, who will be dressed “in a gown made from glue, tape and Charmin toilet paper made by Cincinnati-based Procter and Gamble.” Wearing a dress made of toilet paper is one thing, but getting married in a bathroom, as Ms. Cannon did today, is unbelievably tacky. Aside from being a loud cry for attention, a bathroom, no matter how nice, is no place for a wedding. It’s … [Read more...]

Gorgeous Plus-Size Wedding Gowns

Shopping for a wedding gown can be complicated and stressful; searching for a Plus Size wedding gown can be especially challenging and intimidating. The first step is always to be informed. Check out this iVillage article for info on sizing, fabrics, and what styles will flatter your body type. Then you can browse online or head to your nearest bridal shop. David's Bridal Woman has gowns that you can look at online, and then try on in their store. Many of them come with sleeve options that … [Read more...]

Married in a Basement Chapel

There's lots of hustle and bustle around the holidays, and it's no exception at what may be the quickest and cheapest place to wed in the county - Santa Clara County's tiny basement wedding chapel. It's only $80, or $90 if you need a county-supplied witness. More than 2,600 couples tied the knot there last year: young proffessionals on lunch break, old lovers, starry-eyed lovers who met the week before, even gang members and couples about to have a baby. "People really take this seriously," … [Read more...]

Bride Wars: Bridezilla-hype or True-to-life?

There's a new movie set to come out in January 2008 called "The Bride Wars," a romantic comedy starring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway. According to Variety, "Hathaway and Hudson will play best friends who are pitted against each other when their wedding dates clash. They compete for venues, services and guests, once it's clear that neither will step aside." While some movie-goers are looking forward to a fun flick with some talented stars, others predict that it will be "annoying" and … [Read more...]

Get you Guests to Pay for your Wedding!

Maybe you're thinking that you can really do without the toasters, new linnens, and salad spinners, but what you'd really like for your wedding is to enter marriage debt-free. Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to pay for your own wedding? Well, here's an idea that may sound tacky at first, but kind of grows on you the more you think about it... How about having your guests pay for your wedding?  Click her to find out how it works and see a demo.  Guests can join the online registry to make … [Read more...]

I want a Bookworm Bridal Shower!

Maybe you (or the bride of the moment) are not a librarian, but IsleDash has some ideas for bridal showers that will bring out the bookworm in any literary-minded bridal party. You aren't limited to books alone, although a gorgeous leather-bound hardback classic is always sure to please. You can also choose from all those book-lover accessories... think book shelves, book ends, book marks, book holders, book plates, book club memberships...  Oooooooh, this makes me want to do my shower all … [Read more...]