A Toilet Wedding


Sometimes, going the whole nine yards is really taking things too far.  Take for example Jennifer Cannon of Lexington, Kentucky, who will be dressed “in a gown made from glue, tape and Charmin toilet paper made by Cincinnati-based Procter and Gamble.” Wearing a dress made of toilet paper is one thing, but getting married in a bathroom, as Ms. Cannon did today, is unbelievably tacky. Aside from being a loud cry for attention, a bathroom, no matter how nice, is no place for a wedding. It’s sacrilegious. Even if you are not religious (as I hope she is not!) any important ceremony (such as, um, a wedding) deserves a venue that’s a bit more respectable than a restroom. Even if it is Times Square’s “luxury public restroom facility.” And even if Charmin did pay for their wedding.