Bride and Groom Cut the Cheese

As an alternative to a traditional wedding cake, I've heard that some people like to use cupcakes.  That is still be too conventional for some folks, and I've heard of people using rice crispy treats or ice cream cake. Maybe even cheese cake. But here's a new thought: Cheese cake. Or rather, just cheese. Cheese in the shape of a lovely, decorated cake. Well, my sweet tooth will have none of this cheese instead of cake business. But there are people out there who have a "real passion for … [Read more...]

More Hot Summer Wedding Trends

June is gone, but summer is not over yet!! The most popular wedding season, summer nuptials have a flavor all their own. But that doesn't mean you have to stick with the summer wedding tradition standbys, according to The Knot (on ABC7). Read on for eight new ideas for your hot summer celebration. Trend: Dynamic Colors Think sophisticated brights. Sticking with just two hues (or two plus an accent color) will keep your space unified. Rather than splashing color all over … [Read more...]

Gorgeous wedding cake with fresh flowers

A friend of mine just got married on Sunday (I was not at the wedding since I'm not in the same country) and her sister sent me some pictures. She looked lovely, and her dress and veil were amazing, but I wouldn't post pictures without her permission. But this cake!! I'll have to find out who made it and what kind of cake it is, but look how beautiful the golden roses look cascading down the side of this rich-looking cake. Hmm, my husband just stopped by to look at the cake and asked if these … [Read more...]

The Autumn Bride

Winter is upon us, but this WeddingBee blog is dreaming of fall. So is MakeCupcakesNot War:  And take a look at these gorgous fall wedding invitations: … [Read more...]