Marriage and Opposite-Sex Friendships

As a single person, you may have close friends of all stripes, and both sexes.  You spend all day at work together, go out for a drink in the evening, meet for a cup of coffee on weekends, attend classes and seminars together. And ironically, after you get married you'll still find yourself spending more time with your friends and coworkers than with your spouse! feature image In addition to that, technology and social media make it easy to maintain friendships even with people you don't … [Read more...]

Affair-Proofing Your Marriage

Recent studies estimate that 45 percent of married women and approximately 54 percent of married men engage in extramarital sex at some time or another during their marriage, according to Hitched.  Shocking, isn't it? Nothing destroys a marriage faster than marital infidelity, and these statistics are truly frightening.  But it is possible to "affair-proof" your marriage, says Sharon M. Rivkin, M.A., M.F.T.  In order to make that happen, you need to know what can cause an affair in the first … [Read more...]

Wedding Day: The Gift of a Kiss

A first kiss... do you remember yours? For Claudaniel and Melody, it was everything a first kiss should be: "magical... surreal... and a real gift." But this was not just any old first kiss. Claudaniel, 30, and Melody, 28, had pledged to be abstinent before marriage -- but went a little further by agreeing not to kiss each other on the lips before their union was official. Why so strict? They didn't even want to get close to temptation, instead waiting until the minister said the magic words: … [Read more...]

Two years later, the honeymoon is officially over!

According to new research, the happy honeymoon ends after exactly two years, six months, and 25 days. It's not that things come crashing down into irreparable fragments, it's just that couples get into a rut and start taking each other for granted. Researchers found that after second wedding anniversary, men are far more likely to leave dirty washing on the floor and the toilet seat up, while women stop wearing make-up, slouch around in pyjamas and hog the TV remote control. By the third … [Read more...]

Reaching the climax: The Mysterious O

Well, Americans have a new president, and we can hope change is on the way. There's one area that many would agree could use a change for the better: women's sex life. According to HitchedMag's 3-part article on The Mysterious Orgasm: Many studies, including a 2001 global study of sexual behavior with over 27,000 participants revealed that orgasmic dysfunction is more the norm than the exception. One-third of all women have never experienced orgasm, while the second third had experienced … [Read more...]