Reaching the climax: The Mysterious O

Well, Americans have a new president, and we can hope change is on the way.

There’s one area that many would agree could use a change for the better: women’s sex life. According to HitchedMag‘s 3-part article on The Mysterious Orgasm:

Many studies, including a 2001 global study of sexual behavior with over 27,000 participants revealed that orgasmic dysfunction is more the norm than the exception. One-third of all women have never experienced orgasm, while the second third had experienced orgasm only rarely.

Part 1 claims that Finding the Sweet Spot Begins with Conversation:

The first step on this journey is removing the conversation about sensation, pleasure and orgasm out of the adult entertainment industry and into the privacy of the bedroom. This may seem like stating the obvious, but actual intimate sexual conversations are harder than you think. Your sense of safety in yourself and in your relationship is key to expressing your desires and living in the vulnerable place that opens to sexuality. This is a tall order given the combined impact when we consider the lack of sexual knowledge we are raised with, our shared cultural anxiety and how little scientific knowledge is available about sexual response. Read more here!

Part 2 of this series is called The Center of Letting Go:

It doesn’t work to focus on orgasms as the finish line. Aiming for it makes the journey anxiety-ridden and makes you forget that you are on a journey. Often times, it is the smallest of details that can push you to a place that you didn’t know was in you. But you can’t feel that place if you are looking for something big ahead of you. Presence is nothing if not the key to our sexual selves. Read more here!

Part 3 gives you 5 Steps to Getting There. These include seducing scents, motion, breathing, self control, and lubrication. Supposedly, Napoleon was well known for requesting his wife to not wash for a week when he was coming home. I prefer vanilla. Read more here!

The good news is that the more orgasms you experience, the more orgasms you’re likely to have in the future.” Here’s to a brighter future for America and their sex lives!