Wedding Day: The Gift of a Kiss

A first kiss… do you remember yours? For Claudaniel and Melody, it was everything a first kiss should be: “magical… surreal… and a real gift.” But this was not just any old first kiss.

Claudaniel, 30, and Melody, 28, had pledged to be abstinent before marriage — but went a little further by agreeing not to kiss each other on the lips before their union was official.

Why so strict? They didn’t even want to get close to temptation, instead waiting until the minister said the magic words: “NOW, you may kiss the bride.”

Both Claudaniel and Melody Fabien are abstinence educators — Claudaniel for the nonprofit Confederation of Spanish American Families. Melody is director of the “What’s Good” program for the LYDIA Home Association, a Christian service agency. Both teach abstinence programs within the Chicago Public Schools.

High fives all around! Good for them, for both their commitment and following through. No wonder the crowd at Maranatha World Revival Ministries “whooped and hollered” when the couple had their first kiss.

It makes a lot of sense, as Vasti Cruz, another LYDIA educator, points out: “A lot of people, at 20, are starting . . . life with regrets.”  Abstinence “keeps you focused on your future,” said Cruz, who is 71 days away from her own wedding.

“It feels like such a gift,” said the bride, Melody. “When you value a kiss, it becomes something of worth.”

Reported by the Chicago Sun Times.


  1. Rebecca Towne says:

    My husband and I can also say that our first kiss was at the wedding altar!! We made the decision to wait for every aspect of married life until we were married, and we are both very happy that we did!! We have been happily married for almost 25 years, and the Lord has blessed us with a wonderful family and a blessed marital relationship. It was definitely worth the wait!! Thank you CD & Melody for being another good example that you don’t have to be physical before you are married. Spending time with each other and talking, not touching, builds a better relationship before and after you are married! I could give you the names of many of my friends who waited until their wedding day for their first kiss, and they are still happily married to this day!