White, with a Splash of Color

Although colored wedding gowns are one of today’s popular bridal trends, there is something special about wearing an all-white wedding dress (by “white” I am of course including shades of white too, like cream and ivory).  But if you are thinking “white equals boring,” think again! It can be anything but dull, especially when you throw in dashes of color in charming, sometimes unexpected places!


Colored shoes peeping out from below are one of the easiest (and most fun) ways to add color to your ensemble!  For inspiration, think about your wedding colors… consider shoes that match your groom’s tie, your bridesmaids’ dresses, or your bouquet.

photos: Joie of Life


Pearls are lovely and diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but there are so many other beautiful jewels out there, no bride should feel limited to monochromatic jewelry. Whether you want to wear your grandmother’s vintage bracelet or some glittery costume jewelry, let those bangles and broaches speak for themselves!

Photos: Garnet broach, Citrine Pendant Turquoise bracelet


If you are looking for something flashier than a tired tiara and veil, take inspiration from these gorgeous, multi-colored headbands!

Photos: Peacock headband,  Peony headband, Geometric headband

Cardigans & Cover-ups

Taking photos outside in the snow? Getting married in a church or synagogue where you need to cover up? Just looking for something different to add a pop of color? Try a shawl, bolero, or cardigan, which can change the look of your dress in an instant!

Photos: Yellow cardigan, Boleros, blue cardigan