Picture-taking tips for a picture-perfect wedding

Being in front of camera can make you feel a bit stiff. How should you hold your arms and at what angle should you face the photographer? Here are some expert tips from Bride.net for a wedding-day photo finish.

Face: “Know your face,” says Michael Waring, who photographed this story. “Look at celeb photos for reference. They all know their angles and whether they look best smiling with or without their teeth showing.” There’s nothing wrong with taking a few shots in the weeks before your wedding for practice.

Hair: “Add a little bit of wave to your hair. It adds softness and always looks good in pictures,” says NYC stylist Ted Gibson. “And the simpler the style, the better.”

Arms: “Don’t press your arms against your body—even slim arms will appear heavy in pictures,” says Waring. Placing a hand on your hip helps define your arm and the shape of your body in a flattering way.

Legs: Putting your weight more on one leg than the other will keep you from looking too stiff.

Posture: “You don’t have to be standing in every picture,” Waring reminds us. “Sit, lounge, dance…Just be aware of your posture throughout—you don’t want to look schlumpy.”

Lips: Beware of the blah factor, and ditch your beige lipstick. Yes, it looks fab for everyday, but it will wash you out in photos. (Drinking through a straw helps keep lipstick on longer!)

Nails: A soft, close-to-skin-toned nail polish shade will make fingers look longer; a touch of shimmer adds a festive appeal. Bonus points: Shimmer or sparkle-shot formulas are tougher and longer lasting than creams.

Chin up: Pushing your tongue against the roof of your mouth helps make the area under your chin firm up and your neck look longer, says Waring: “It’s a classic model trick.”