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Wedding Signing Scrolls in lieu of a Guest Book

You might not have heard of a Signing Scroll, but after you take a look at these gorgeous pictures you might find that you want one as badly as I do... and i got married six years ago! Elizabeth Danae of I Dream of Letters explains what they are: "For those who may be unfamiliar with signing scrolls, these are designed to take the place of a standard guest book at a wedding, and many times, vows can be incorporated with them, much like a Quaker Wedding Certificate. I custom create to the … [Read more...]

Calligraphic Maps Add Flair to Your Wedding

In today's digital age, there's nothing like a touch of handwriting to turn the mundane into something unique and personal. For those who have the means, handwritten calligraphy makes eye candy out of everything, from envelopes to place cards. One special way to employ your calligrapher is to have him/her draw a map for those hard-to-find locations or destination weddings. Maps can be used as save-the-date cards, included in the invitation suite, or inserted in the welcome baskets at your … [Read more...]

Top 5 Wedding Trends for Spring 2011

Only 55 percent of weddings are considered 'traditional,' according to the Bridal Association of America. Couples today are clearly moving toward having less conventional wedding themes, says Mary Ellen Campisi, associate art director at Vistaprint. photo credit: My Wedding Dream via Bunches of Bliss Vistaprint identified five top wedding trends for Spring 2011 by looking at a series of variables, including theme and color trend research in Europe and North America, Vistaprint's top … [Read more...]

The Floral-Print Bridesmaid Dress Thing!

Spring fashion-- it doesn't have to be all about the flowers, but they're just so fresh and fun for an outdoor wedding, especially on your bridesmaids! We can't get enough of these bridesmaids dresses in floral prints or featuring other flowery elements... so much more exciting that having your girls all in one color, don't you think? * Feature photo from Fhiky * We like the bold black-and-white prints of these floral print dresses. You can do it in something floor-length like the … [Read more...]