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Bridal Adornments: Something Different, Something Blue

A white gown, shimmering veil, and dazzling tiara are perfect for some brides. Then there are those who want a black dresses, leather boots, and peacock feathers. Whatever your fashion style is, here are some fabulous online shops to buy bridal jewelry and accessories that will dazzle and delight every bride! * Do you have a bridal accessory website that's too great not to share? Please let us know about it in the comment section below! * Portobello Bridal Collection This website … [Read more...]

Wedding Seating Charts (Without the Headache!)

As the big day approaches, you're prepared. You're organized. You've got everything under control... except that awful seating chart! No matter how much you plan in advance, the guest tables tend to shuffle and reshuffle themselves until the very day you say "I do".  Here are some tips to make seating your wedding guests as easy and stress-free as possible. photo: Martha Stewart Wedding Familiarize yourself with the layout of the venue so that you know how the tables will be arranged. Be … [Read more...]

Wedding Day Beauty: Banish Chapped Lips

If you've been laying on the lip balm in an effort to achieve smooth, sexy lips, you might be doing just the opposite! With the weather cold and dry, you don't want to suffer from cracked, peeling skin anywhere, especially on your mouth. The pretty pink lip gloss you picked out for your wedding day isn't going to look so hot on top of all that dry skin! So what can you do to prevent or heal it? Don't lick your chapped lips. It's tempting, but don't do it. Your saliva contains digestive … [Read more...]

Destination Wedding & Honeymoon travel: Advice from a Travel Agent

Planning a destination wedding with lots of people involved can be daunting. Even planning a honeymoon for two can have its headaches.  Travel agent Jennifer Doncsecz of is known for her travel savvy and insider perspective on under-the-radar destinations. Here, she shares her best advice on planning a get-away, via Martha Stewart Weddings. How is working with a travel agent beneficial when booking a destination wedding? When you book a block of hotel rooms directly or with … [Read more...]

Wedding Hair Inspiration: Highlights

Your hair color will contribute something special your wedding day hairstyle.  If you are considering getting highlights, make sure you test them out way before your wedding day, so you can adjust the shade if necessary (or cover them up if you really hate them!). Whether you want something subtle or a whole new look, highlights are a fun way to change your look. Make sure you have a reliable hairstylist, and then use this Hair Inspiration Gallery from iVillage to find that perfect look. All … [Read more...]

Hot Wedding Trends for 2011

A new year, a whole new world of wedding style opportunity.  Here we present some great new wedding trends for 2011, via The Knot, so take a look, steal an idea or two, and make it your own awesome wedding adventure! Roaring 20's Style: Take a wedding style cue from the dapper fashion of the 1920s. Think dusty nude and lace dresses for your bridesmaids and wing-tip shoes for the guys. Dancing the night away to the cool strains of jazz. And of course the Prohibition era vibe wouldn't be … [Read more...]