Making Love Last: Advice from Grandma

We tend to get so caught up in the merchandising of Valentine’s Day that we forget what the holiday is really about: Love. When Erin Bried was interviewing grandmothers for her book, How to Sew a Button (and Other Nifty Things Your Grandmother Knew), she asked each one for their secret to making love last, decade after decade.

Watch this video to hear the advice of these wise women, each happily married for over 50 years!

And if you’re looking for more every-day wisdom, you should check out her book, How to Sew a Button. Practical and empowering, this book is a collection of the treasured wisdom from nanas, bubbies, and grandmas from all across the country—as well as modern-day experts. You will access more than one hundred step-by-step essential tips for cooking, cleaning, and entertaining.

Each of these grandmas survived The Great Depression, and their stories on making due, helping others, finding fun, and even falling in love are the basis for How to Sew a Button.  They can teach you how to make life much simpler, sweeter, and richer—and a lot more fun, too! And, as your grandmother might say, if you want to save money, it pays to learn how to do things yourself!