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Getting Married in a Barn?!

Well, married in a barn sounds heavenly to me! It might not be the Ritz Carlton, but weddings in rustic locations have a magic all their own. Barns, old homes, and the great outdoors... with a little help from us, Mother Nature provides us with all the beauty we need! * feature image: Loseley Estate * * * * * * * Here's a NY wedding that was hosted at the Mount Gulian Historic Site, an 18th-century Dutch Colonial homestead and national historic landmark. The … [Read more...]

A Day at the Wedding Carnival

Ah weddings! Laughter and tears, solemn speeches and riotous jokes. A wedding should be many things, but if fun is one of your top priorities, take a cue from these carnival weddings and get yourself a jumping castle, a Ferris wheel, some games, hot dogs, and soft drinks, and open the carnival gates! Below is an amazing wedding via the Utah Bride Blog (click for more gorgeous pictures and ideas), with photography by Andrea Hanks. These ultra-fun wedding pictures come from Manolo for … [Read more...]

Bridal Beauty Countdown: 6 Months to the Day Of

Glowing, blushing, beautiful... certain adjectives ring true when attached to the word "bride."  But if you are somewhere in the months or weeks leading up to your wedding, you may find the preparations leaving you tired, stressed, and haggard. So when is that fabled "glow" supposed to arrive? Well, it will, regardless of how much time you spend cultivating it, but  there are things you can do now to ensure you'll look your best. Follow these tips from Martha Stewart Weddings, and whatever … [Read more...]

Winter White Wedding Cakes

No color says winter like white. These amazing cakes may be pristine and snowy white on the outside, but like a snow-covered scene they can be any color or flavor underneath! The catch is, they're so gorgeous you may have a hard time cutting into them! * feature image from Martha Stewart Weddings * The knot: A family friend baked this three-tiered cake with white icing (doesn't the texture remind you of snow?!). Black ribbon and pine cones gave the confection an elegant winter … [Read more...]