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The Art of Folding a Pocket Square

Can't say I have much personal experience with pocket squares, but I do think they give a guy quite a spiffy air!  As an alternative to a boutonniere for the groom or other gentlemen in the wedding party, a neatly folded pocket square is a nice choice, particularly at a daytime event. It's fun to coordinate the color with the guys' ties and suits, or the girls dresses and flowers. There are lots of folding options, but here's a chic, modern look from Martha Stewart Weddings: Pocket … [Read more...]

Do Vendors Charge More for Weddings than Other Events?

You may have heard that vendors automatically hike up prices when they hear the word "Wedding." So is it really true that you pay twice the amount for a wedding cake than you would for a birthday cake that's exactly the same in every way? Choice, the leading consumer advocacy group in Australia, investigated whether higher quotes do indeed go hand in hand with the W-word. (But such things go on everywhere, including the US and UK...) The Experiment: Businesses were selected in Melbourne and … [Read more...]

Groom’s Speech: Tips for your Toast

Most guys don't do much public speaking. In fact, most people dread public speaking. You may have heard the quip about how people fear public speaking more than they fear death... meaning that at a funeral, most people would choose to be the one in the coffin rather than the one giving the eulogy. But this is your wedding, not your funeral, and you may not be able to escape from giving a toast. Here are some tips from Groom's Groove to help you make it off the podium alive... and keep your bride … [Read more...]

Warning: Marriage May Make You Fat!

No matter how much effort you put into getting in shape for your wedding, you may find all those pounds returning after the wedding-- and then some! It doesn't seem to matter who you are, says iVillage, even buff and beautiful stars like Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, and Khloe Kardashian have packed on a few pounds after getting married. Why does it happen, and is anyone safe from this frightening condition called marriage? I'm sure you don't need me to tell you how life changes just a bit … [Read more...]

Double Duty: Centerpieces as Favors!

Wedding favors allow guests to take a little piece of the celebration home. Though often presented at place settings or displayed on a table by the door, favors can be offered in another way that is both impressive and economical: grouped together as centerpieces. Martha Stewart shows us how this idea can be beautiful, fun, and classy: These glass candle holders are actually a DIY product! To re-create the beauty of etching, all you need is a rubber stamp, white ink, and glass … [Read more...]

Wedding Etiquette: Who Sits at the Head Table?

Once upon a time, there was a woman who's husband was chosen to be best man at a wedding, and she was not invited to be part of the wedding party. (See post on Glamour) Now she's upset that her husband will be sitting at the head table with the bride, groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen, while she will have to sit at a guest table with people she doesn't know: "I’ve never heard of a married couple getting split up at a wedding. If the bride absolutely doesn’t want me at her table, fine, but at … [Read more...]

Wedding Invitation Inspiration!

Wedding invitations are the first taste your guests will get of what's in store for your special day. Keep it simple and elegant, or make a bold statement-- it's your call!  But if you're having a hard time deciding which direction to go in (papers, colors, fonts, oh my!) take a look at these lovely invitations for a little bit of wedding invitation inspiration! Sunny Yellow & Blue Invitation from Martha Stewart Weddings * * * * Scrolled Romance via Wedding … [Read more...]

Lovely, Loose, & Unpredictable Wedding Bouquets

Wedding bouquets say a lot about the brides carrying them!  The more traditional look is a tight, round, topiary-type bouquet (where the red rose reigns). But wait, there's more! takes a look at some bouquet shapes that are "equally lovely, but far less predictable." And I can't get enough of them! (Which is why, five-and-a-half years ago, I carried one of these down the isle myself!) Feature image: Your Special * Asymmetrical That's right, who said a … [Read more...]