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A Truly Memorable Wedding Experience

What makes a wedding truly memorable? Is it the food, the music, the atmosphere? Is it the good times had with family and friends? When you look back at your own wedding, what do you want people to remember the most? I came across a blog post called "Power of Purchases" at 59 Seconds that got me thinking about creating a wedding people will always remember. Here's what he has to say: Psychologists Leaf Van Boven and Thomas Gilovich examined whether increased happiness is associated more … [Read more...]

Wedding Reception Ice Breakers

Let's just say a coworker is getting married. After the ceremony, you pick up your place card and find the table, take a seat and look at the other wedding guests sitting around you. If you're lucky, you've been seated with people you know, maybe even a friend or two. But it so happens that this time you don't know the person sitting next to you, so you politely introduce yourself, ask them how they know the bride and groom, and when conversation runs out you turn delicately to your salad. Maybe … [Read more...]

Planning Ahead: Winter Wedding Details

It's heating up outside as we get into the full swing of summer, but I'm sure that brides planning a winter wedding are finding it hard to focus on beach themes and warm weather attire. So if you've got a special day coming up in about 6 months' time, here's a sweet little blog to put you in the wintery mood. It's called, fittingly, little winter bride. It's short on text, but a picture is worth a thousand words, and each post features a photo that's sure to intrigue and inspire. Here are … [Read more...]

Wedding Day Transportation: Trains, trollies, and tin cans

Shaving cream graffiti and old tin cans may be "traditional", but you can do better than that!!  Wedding day transportation comes in many shapes and forms, so make the journey part of the fun!  Take a look at the Knot's gallery of Wedding Transportation for some ideas and inspiration! * * * * OK, so you want to do tin cans. They can still be classy if you do it like this! The bridesmaids decorated this cream-colored Chrysler PT Cruiser convertible with a hand-painted “Just … [Read more...]

Wedding Hairstyles Inspired by your Favorite Celebrities (Part 1)

Today's stars know what looking good is all about. And there's no better place to draw beauty inspiration for your wedding day than the red carpet. If you want a wedding "do" that's all about glamor, check out's photo gallery of Red Carpet Wedding Hairstyles. Here are some of our favorites! * * * * Glamorous Up-do's Maggie Gyllenhaal at the 2010 Academy Awards Jennifer Morrison at the 2010 Golden Globes Courtney Cox Arquette at the 2010 Golden … [Read more...]