Tigerlily’s Breathtaking Bridal Jewelry & Accessories

Looking for some totally unique, unbelievably gorgeous bridal bling… or just some wedding *inspiration*? Welcome to Tigerlily, where fairytale princess meets nature goddess, with “couture and inventive bridal jewelry and hair jewelry designs.” All Tigerlilly bridal jewelry can be customized, and if you love the colored crystal trend, their Swarovski crystals are available in every shade you can imagine, plus natural gemstones and freshwater pearls. Gold is making a comeback, and nature is a huge inspiration, with delicate or dramatic designs of leaves, flowers, vines…Tigerlily even has a special line of jewelry for beach brides!

My favorite items to browse at the moment are hairpieces. My sister is getting married soon, and her dress is going to be high cut with a big flower over one shoulder, so a necklace is out… but I’m searching headbands and combs just for the fun of it! Here are some of my favorites!!


There’s something about this fern headband that makes me want to revisit my wedding hairstyle. It comes in gold or silver, but I absolutely LOVE it in gold! It also converts to a choker necklace.

This 3-D Alvina Headband is simply showstopping! I want it!

This Breena Headband is a bit more delicate, but equally gorgeous. I Love the filigree accents, and remember that the crystals are available in any color!

For something stunning yet subtle, try this crystal rhinestone headband:

Bracelets & Cuffs

Another great accessory that allows you go all-out (especially if you will have a busy dress or hairstyle) is a bracelet or cuff.  Below, the Breena Bracelet (yes, matches that Breena Headband I adore), the Edina Bracelet (which is meant to be work tightly like a watch) and the Alvina Bracelet, (silver or gold leaf):


Clementine Earrings, Rosemary Earrings, and Sage Earrings

crystal drop earrings


Tigerlily also has a selection of veils in every length, but for some intense old-new glamor, a birdcage veil is the ultimate accessory. Here are some stunning options… The Frances Birdcage is available in black, ivory, white, red, or champagne. (Peacock hairpins are available separately!)  The limited edition birdcage veil is made entirely of fine Silver and Swarovski crystal, and comes with a feather comb with Swarovski crystal accents.

OK, that’s enough from me! Check out their necklaces, tiaras, brooches, veils, and other accessories to find the perfect pieces for you! Just one word of caution before you go browsing… the prices can be steep, but if you absolutely MUST have it, you can rent many pieces for a fraction of the price!


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