Have your wedding flowers and eat them, too!

It is pretty common to see wedding cakes decorated with edible flowers like violets, roses, or lilacs, although most floral embellishments are removed before serving (those flowers probably don’t taste that good on wedding cake).  But a great post by Manolo points out that:

Cooking with flowers is coming back into vogue and has a long history. Flowery cookery can be traced back to ancient Rome, China, India, and the Middle East. Edible flowers were particularly popular in the Victorian era during Queen Victoria’s reign. And now edible flowers are starting to appear in dishes at wedding receptions.


Using flowers as part of your wedding meal is pretty, fun, and delicious. It definitely adds something different to your presentation!

flowers as food edible flowers

A few tips:

  • Edible only: At the risk of stating the obvious, not all flowers are edible! Make sure you choose blooms that are fit for human consumption, or you risk making all your guests sick.
  • Go Organic: Use organically grown flowers to avoid pesticide poisoning.
  • Wash all flowers thoroughly before you eat them.
  • If you have allergies, you may want to avoid flowers, as they may aggravate some allergies.
  • Browse: Check out online recipes and cookbooks to get ideas that you can pass on to your caterer. SheKnows has recipes for things like rosemary flower biscuits and pansy herb salad.
  • For more info on picking edible flowers, click here.

flowers as food 2 edible flowers 2

Feature image from container gardening. All other pictures from Manolo Brides.