Beach hair for Outdoor Weddings

Now that the weather is warming up, everyone wants to move the party outside! If you are a spring or summer bride, you can forget about sleek, sculpted hairdos, and let your hair just go with the flow. All photos are from Check out their wedding hair style gallery for hundreds of gorgeous styles!

Letting it loose!

For the look on the left, a curling iron and water-free hairspray are all that were needed to set and finish the bride’s lush locks. In the photo on the right, placed tiny braids throughout the bride’s wavy mane; they add dimension without looking the least bit fussy.

Half and Half

To keep hair out of your face, but still achieve the beach-blown style, pull the sides back and add a spritz of texturizing spray.  Or pin the center section of hair back, leaving a few loose pieces around the hairline to frame the face.  This style is also set in teeny-tiny braids, giving hair an angelic, delicate look.

Pile it up!

Keep it looking loose and uncomplicated with an unstructured updo. Starting with an extreme side part, sweep hair back in sections and pin the ends under.  Straggling ends are anchored by jeweled hair combs placed just so.  For another great updo, work styling cream through slightly damp hair and scrunch-dry. Then make a center part and two loose braids. Coil each braids behind the head, and pin into place as you go. Top with a narrow band, and you’ll be Queen of the beach!

Wear it Straight

If you’ve been wondering what to do with your silky straight hair that won’t hold a curl, you can still be beach-tressed with the best.  Dress up straight hair with a shiny clip or two and wear a simple veil clipped in back. Short, straight hair looks great when you iron it

Flowers: The natural hair accessory!

A single bloom or a floral wreath stands in for a traditional headpiece, creating an earthy, free-spirited look that’s perfect for an outdoor wedding.  Achieve this breezy island-inspired style by simply prepping hair with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Apply a curling mousse and let hair dry naturally. Once it’s dry, pin up with clips.  Crown your lustrous, wavy tresses with a floral wreath. First brush hair with a round brush, and use a large barrel curling iron to curl. Spray with a medium hold hairspray and let it set in for 10-15 minutes. Remove pins and let the hair naturally fall into place.

Tip: Creating a floral headband is easier than you think. Just use a hot glue gun to attach flowers of your choice to a soft white headband or wide ribbon, which you can tie in the back.