An eye-opener for brides: Lash extensions

Forget the eye-liner and mascara!

Brides looking for glamor have a much more powerful weapon at their disposal when it comes to extreme flutter power. Lash extensions, not to be confused with old stick-on lashes, are the newest bridal beauty trend being unveiled.  These semi-permanent, synthetic extensions mimic the natural lash.  Longer, thicker eyelashes are just an hour and a half away, as a technician applies them one at a time using tweezers and adhesive (there also appears to be meticulous lash-combing, and facial massage involved: watch how it’s done at LavishLashes).  They last for two months, and wearers can swim, bathe, shower, and workout without loosing their thick-lashed look. It will cost you between $250-$500.

Read the Vogue write-up here. “It makes everone look five years younger!” Also featured on ABC news and USA Today: “It sounds high-maintenance, but it’s really for low-maintenance reasons… It will make your lashes look like you’re always wearing mascara.”

where to find it

Salons such as John Barrett in New York and Fred Segal Beauty in Santa Monica have added the treatment to meet demand.  New England brides can pop into Boston’s LuxLash (, 866-587-5274) for extensions.  The Newbury Street spa offers complete services for bridal parties. Try LavisLashes or LashOut for professional service anywhere in the USA.