The pefect wedding gown: Green and Gorgeous!

Style Me Pretty has a couple entries on eco-friendly wedding dresses. Surprisingly, these are not the roughly-woven, roomy hemp affairs you may be thinking of.  These gowns by Morgan Boszilkov are handcrafted using sustainable fabrics and environmentally responsible business practices, and gives five percent of the proceeds to environmental causes. Not only that, but her gowns are stylish, elegant, and daringly different:

Another favorite eco-chic designer is Deborah Lindquist, who mixes “reincarnated” and earth-friendly fabrics to create beautiful gowns that are “unabashedly romantic, more old Hollywood siren than sixties flower child…”

Olivia Luca is a designer who creates custom-made gowns using high quality, environmentally responsible fabrics. These include silk, organic cotton and cotton prints, sustainable SBP® hemp/silk, bamboo and other environmentally responsible fabrics. (How does one make dresses out of bamboo? I have no idea, but it sounds good to me!)

Another wedding dress designer with a mission is Tara Lynn, who’s goal is to create fashionable, high quality, natural fiber clothing that, among other things:

  • Enhances awareness of environmental issues
  • Supports environmental organizations
  • Maximizes resource efficiency
  • Supports the local economy

Tara Lynn’s philosophy is that “natural clothing is sexier than lifeless textiles.” Her dresses are meant to make a woman feel “strong, smart and powerful” and, of course, stylish and beautiful:

It’s good to know where your dress comes from, according to Tree Huggers, so check out the “ethical wedding dressmaker” Wholly Jo’s based in London. Their gowns are made from organic, fair trade and cruelty-free products. Here are some samples:

Style Me Pretty points out that the greenest fashion choice for your wedding is to recycle a dress that’s been worn before. Consider having a seamstress update your mother’s gown, or check out everything from eBay to online vintage boutiques like The Frock. There’s something so romantic about wearing a dress with a history of its own!

Feature image: Designer 100% Pure Natural Silk Wedding Corset & Gown (buy it here:


  1. For more about green weddings visit and check out the book, The Everything Green Wedding Book, out December 17th, 2008

  2. Who is the creator of the dress in the very first image? The one with the various layers and she’s leaning up against the stone work. That dress is amazingly gorgeous!Is it Morgan Boszilkov? I checked all the site links within this blog, but I couldn’t find it! Thanks.

  3. Thanks for your comment! The dress you asked about can be viewed if you cut&paste this link:

  4. just beautiful dresses!

  5. The dress with the yellow sash, is that also from Ms. Boszilkov? I looked through her site and the others listed and couldn’t find it. Thanks!

  6. I am in love with the natural dress at the top with the blond beside the stone wall. The link that you posted is no longer up and was wondering if you had anymore information regarding the dress?

  7. Serena! its;

    its the most beautiful dress i have ever seen in my life time.


    This is the featured dress (first on the page) by designer: Ewa Dunikowska from Poland.

  9. Miranda Lynn says:

    The first gown is beautiful! I’m totally in love with it. I can’t even eye another dress… This is truly the nicest dress I’ve ever seen! And I love the stone background too…