Soothing the Pre-Wedding Jitters

Sure, it’s normal to feel some stress and worry as the big day approaches. Dear Sugar attributes it to the commitment that comes with a marriage, as well as the time, energy, and money it takes to plan a wedding. I’d say, if I was wearing that wedding dress, I’d be more than a little bit nervous too.

Dear Sugar has some tips to quiet those butterflies in your stomach. The advice is sensible, as long as you are not having serious doubts. For normal wedding jitters, follow these tips to help you loosen up and stop worrying!

  • Don’t confuse plain old stress with cold feet. It’s only natural to worry about the details that will make your wedding perfect. But don’t let those worries affect your overall outlook on your relationship and upcoming marriage.
  • Remember that right before the wedding, emotions are flying high, but things will cool down as soon as you’re back to your every-day life.
  • It may seem counterintuitive, but opening up to your fiance about your worries can go a long way in helping you feel better. Working through it together will make you a stronger couple.
  • You can also open up to a close friend or family member. Getting it off your chest might be just what you need to move past it. Don’t be afraid of judgment; anyone who’s gone through this themselves will be able to sympathize and reassure you.
  • If you really don’t feel like talking to anyone, try writing it all down. Examining your feelings closely might also unearth exactly what’s bothering you and help you get over it.
  • Give yourself a break from all the wedding fuss. Take a long walk, go see a movie, or plan a nonwedding-related night with friends. Taking your mind off things may give you some much needed clarity and room to breath.