Be a Poster Bride!

I’m still not sure what these are for, but they sure are cool looking!!

From the Poster Bride website:

We make unique, handmade works of art that celebrate the fanfare of your party like nothing else can. A serigraph, up to 19″ x 25″, hand-printed and designed just for you, suitable for framing, following the tradition of silk-screened event posters, provides not only your wedding invitation, but a timeless gift of art for your loved ones.

So… is it an invitation? Is it a poster? Are we now mailing posters instead of invitations? Do you mail them to your entire guest list or only to close family and friends? And does anyone really think that, aside from the bride and groom, people are going to frame and hang these posters, adorable as they are?

If you have any idea as to what this is about, fill me in! In the meantime, I’ll be admiring the lovely artwork (thanks to Oh So Beautiful Paper)!