Bridal Shower Activity: Notes to the Bride

Bridal showers. You really gotta plan ahead, otherwise you end up sitting around watching the bride opening an endless array of gifts like spatulas and tea towels. So if you’re looking for a fun yet meaningful activity, try these cute “Notes for the Bride-To-Be” from Atlanta-based Inkspot Workshop.

As reported by WeddedBits, guests write words of wisdom, ranging from “Never go to bed angry” to “Ask before deleting his favorite show from your TiVo,” on the cards and present them to the bride-to-be. It’s great because everyone can participate, from Great Aunt Lily to your 10-year old flower girl. Who doesn’t love to give advice? As each guest reads theirs aloud, be prepared for some added laughter and tears.

The wording, fonts, and graphics can be customized, and the set comes packaged in a pretty blue box. $17 for 20 cards. Visit Inkspot Workshop’s Etsy site for more information.