Outdoor Weddings: Standing for the Ceremony

I saw this breathtaking photo from Style Me Pretty and absolutely love the setting for this wedding. It looks just like a perfect summer afternoon. Nothing fancy or extraordinary, just grassy fields, sunshine, and peace. Of course, when you’re holding the ceremony in middle of nowhere, it does present a seating problem.

According to the bride, Carol: “We did have the guests stand, after much debating about moving chairs around. In the end we had a semi-circle for those that needed to sit and everyone else just huddled up. Our ceremony was only four minutes long, so it worked really nicely in the end.”

A beach setting is another place where it may be easier to stand rather than deal with seating arrangements. Standing with the bride and groom during the ceremony creates a feeling of togetherness, especially if it’s a small, intimate group.

At Jewish weddings, which are traditionally held outdoors, the custom is for guests to stand clustered around the Chuppah. This is often done in Jerusalem, and I’ve been to many weddings like this. There’s something timeless and a little magical about this ancient tradition:

Of course, the key is the length of your ceremony. If guests are to be on their feet, you should try to keep things as brief as possible! If you are having elderly or feeble guests, try to bring along a few folding chairs to save them discomfort. Happy standing!