Bridesmaid Duties: 10 Ways you can help the bride

Living in a society that tends to be a bit egocentric, brings all bridesmaids an important reminder:  Your ultimate objective in the wedding and the wedding planning should be to help the bride in every way possible. “You’d be surprised how many women forget their important role and focus more on themselves during the wedding process than they do the bride.” Of course it’s understandable for a girl to get excited over her own dress, shoes, and accessories, but don’t fall into the trap of forgetting about the bride.  It’s her big day, and she probably needs your personal and emotional support.

In order to help keep your attention on the bride, here are some ways in which you can really help the bride out before the wedding and on the wedding day. It would be nice to offer your services before the bride even asks for help!

Before the Wedding:

1. Address and mail invitations.

2. Help handle phone calls involved in the planning.

3. Escort the bride to beauty salon/spa/other appointments before the wedding.

4. Arrange wedding day transportation. This includes to the airport for the honeymoon.

5. Help the bride pack a bag with things she might need at the venue (hairspray, safety pins, tissues, make up, etc) and for the getaway/honeymoon.

6. Be available to listen, advise, comfort, and sympathies. Let the bride vent. Also be prepared to put her gently back on track if she ventures into bridezilla-dom.

At the Wedding:

7. Make yourself known to the guests so they can come to you with questions, rather than disturbing the bride.

8. Get to know her family. If they know they can depend on you when something comes up, to reduce stress on the bride.

9. Find out what kind of music she wants, and have all dealings with the musicians be through you.

10. Help to make sure things run on time. If something is running late,  go the extra mile and talk to the officiant, venue managers, DJ, etc.

You’re the bridesmaid for a reason! The bride trusts you and wants your company. Stay by her side and do you best to anticipate her needs and being a soothing, enjoyable presence.

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  1. Courtney says:

    I’m trying to plan a wedding for 380 guests on my own…
    What should I do if neither of my bridesmaids want to help with anything?

  2. Loretta says:

    hi, i am going to be a bridesmaid for my sister in a year and i wanted to do something unique to help, but after reading the above list i realised that she is the type of person who would want to do most on the list case anything went wrong, even thouhg she ‘trusts’ her bridesmaids!