“Man Showers” for the groom who doesn’t want to be left out!

I admit that there might have been a slight smirk on my face as I read this Boston Herald article on Man Showers. It seems kind of funny, but why not? Instead of dainty petit fours and lingerie, these male-bonding sessions focus on pizza and power tools. After all, what’s a guy to do while his fiance is out with the girls, giggling over toilet paper wedding gowns?

The theme of the Man Shower: the manlier the better! At Nick Dekker’s shower, guests ate from old license plates, participated in a nail pounding contest and were judged on how manly they wrapped their gifts, most of which were tools. (How does one wrap a gift man-style? “There was a lot of duct tape,” recalled one participant. Another guest built a box out of plywood!) Another such party included football, drinking games and playing Rock Band, a video game where players perform in virtual bands

Man showers are voted to be “a whole lot of fun” and a great way to bond with the guys, as well as receiving manly gifts that will help the groom build his new home (literally and figuratively!)

Showers geared to grooms are a growing trend in the wedding industry. Grooms today are increasingly involved in wedding planning, are arena that used to belong exclusively to the bride, along with other female friends and relatives. It’s another example of grooms leaving their stereotypical roles behind, but not to worry! These little parties do not have to be a replacement for the traditional bachelor party. The Man Shower can be regarded as a “precursor,” a chance for the guys to get together and “let off a little steam.”

In addition to that, “They’re wising up to the fact that there are gifts involved,” says Summer Krecke, executive editor of WeddingChannel.com. Football, drinking games, gadgets, tools, pizza, video games… all rolled into one happy afternoon with the guys!

Makes you think that some brides would skip their own wedding showers to go play with the boys!