Avoiding the “Extreme Wedding Makeover” Look

We’ve all seen women who look like Bridezilla on their big day: caked-on makeup, over-sprayed, way-too-done hair and rows of fake eyelashes. The opposite is equally bleak: women who want the “natural” look and end up looking completely washed-out, especially after the tiny bit of pale lipstick they applied prior to the ceremony has faded. Worse still are those that choose to wear their hair loose and down, and by the middle of the reception their frizzy and unruly locks look circus-bound…

You don’t want your guests peering at you and trying to figure out if they know you. You also don’t want them saying to one another, “Hmm, now that’s an interesting look!” To avoid an “extreme wedding makeover” (as the Utah Bride Guide calls it), you can follow this advice from the experts:

  • Start by envisioning the way you want to look. Don’t just tell your make-up artist that you want to look “natural” (everyone says that!)… be more specific. Do you want to look dramatic? Sophisticated? Glamorous?
  • Keep in mind the time of day and venue. A formal nighttime affair at a fancy hotel will require a different type of styling than a daytime wedding on the beach.
  • Pay attention to your “makeup quirks:” some girls know their mascara always smears, or they can’t keep their lipstick on to save their lives. Let your makeup artist know all this and he or she will use products accordingly.
  • Doing your own make-up is often a simple and worthwhile decision. Not so doing your own hair, which can be tricky. You don’t want to look overly stylized or too messy. If you do plan on doing it yourself, practice a few times before the big day.
  • It’s important to look like yourself! However, it should be a drop-dead gorgeous version of yourself. If you don’t feel good in the hair style or make-up you’re wearing, start over again!

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