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Beware of Bridorexia

I came across this new term, "bridorexia," while reading this article about a bride who almost died when her obsession to loose weight before her wedding turned into anorexia. Charlotte Buckley, 22, from Lancaster, said, "I knew I was pushing myself, but as each pound slid off it became like a drug, with compliments on my wedding day being the final reward." Charlotte bought a wedding dress two sizes too small to encourage herself to diet for the big day. She then limited herself to 500 … [Read more...]

Pictures of In Style’s Top Five Most Glamorous Wedding Gowns

In Touch Magazine's got a new list of the top five Most Glamorous Wedding Gowns. And the winners are... 1. Christina Aguilera's Spanish-style gown by Christian Lacroix. 2. Marcia Cross 3. Avril Lavigne in Vera Wang 4. Christine Baumgartner (Mrs. Kevin Costner) by Monique Lhuillier 5. Gwen Stefani Marcia's is my favorite! Who's yours?? … [Read more...]

Are you lonely in your marriage?

Many single woman look forward to marriage as a time when they will never be alone again. According to Dr. Gail Saltz, "Most women I see tell me they are happy that they found someone special and are married because they would not want to be alone. What’s more curious, however, is how many women tell me that they really feel lonely IN their marriage." Single and lonely is bearable if you can look forward to a future with a loving spouse to keep you company. But married and lonely, well that … [Read more...]

Love in the Mail: How to let him know you’re thinking about him

Is your boyfriend/fiance/husband away on a business trip? Visiting his parents? Part of a traveling circus? There's nothing like a care package to let him know you're thinking about him, and no one knows more about sending love via the mail than the wives and girlfriends of U.S. military men. Here are some of their tips (compliments of iVillage) to melt his heart when you are miles apart. Something Essential: If he's in the military, chances are he'd appreciate some toilet paper that doesn't … [Read more...]

When the Groom takes on the Bride’s name

It could happen to you, too. Your fiance could have a last name that is so hard to spell or pronounce that he wants to adopt yours. He may have been awaiting marriage his entire life, just so he could finally get rid of his awkward last name. But how does one go about this, one reader wonders of Miss Manners: "Should we inform family friends, colleagues and more distant relatives of this unusual situation before our marriage? How would you suggest we do this? Any advice will be greatly … [Read more...]

Mother of the Bride: Dress Etiquette

I'm sure there are many points of etiquette that I haven't heard of, and I'll share one that I just learned, in case it may help you as well! According to Weddings 911 columnist Alene Gamel, the mother of the bride always gets to chose her gown before the mother of the groom. "The reasoning behind this is that the bride's mother should not be overshadowed by anyone else but the bride." Basically, it goes like this. The bride informs everyone about the level of formality, color, and style of … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Stay in Love Forever

I'd heard that a friend of mine (we'll call her Rachel) was having marriage difficulties and I called her yesterday to see how she was doing. Married just over a year, I vividly recall conversations we had while she was dating and engaged. She couldn't say enough about how wonderful he was. She was so excited about getting married, and she was unquestionably in love. And now... "We are going to a talk to a highly recommended marriage counselor tomorrow," she told me yesterday, " But it … [Read more...]

Bluefly has “Re-wearable” Bridesmaids Dresses

I found the fabulously fashionable Bluefly Bridesmaid's dresses thanks to Manolo for the Brides, where blogger "Never teh Bride" laments not knowing about this discount designer website when she was pleading with her bridesmaids to choose their dresses. She calls it the "shop to end all shops as a source for reasonably priced, re-wearable bridesmaids’ garb." (Some are more reasonably priced than others, although you do save a significant percentage on the retail price of all of … [Read more...]

Lovely Jenna Bush ties the knot in “spectacular” wedding

Ah, the proud father of the bride! President Bush looks just as he should: like the happy, handsome daddy he is, giving away his little girl, all grown up! (They do look alike, don't they?) Where has the time gone?! Politics aside, it looks like the Bush family knows how to throw a wedding! Tucked away at the 1,600-acre family ranch in Crawford, Texas, Jenna Bush (26) married Henry Hager (30) whom the President calls "a really good guy." More than 200 friends and family members attended … [Read more...]

Choosing your wedding photography style

Selecting your photographer is more than finding someone who can take pretty pictures. Knowing the basics of wedding photography will help you search for, interview and select the right photographer for you. Here are a few things you should know, compliments of Shutterfly: The two basic styles of wedding photography are photojournalism and traditional. Photojournalism: The focus is on action and spontaneity. This style has become increasingly popular in the past 10 years, and gives … [Read more...]