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Video: Beach Wedding Inspirations

Mmm, a day at the beach! The bright sun on your shoulders, sand between your toes, the wind in your hair. What a perfectly lovely day for a wedding! If you are toying with the idea of having a beach wedding, here are some videos to help push you over the edge. The sun setting over the ocean is enough to make anyone pine for a wedding in the sand! If you liked that one, there are plenty more beach wedding videos to watch here! … [Read more...]

Checking References: Ensuring that you get what you’re paying for

A word to the wise: If you want to make sure your caterer is reliable, that the limo shows up on time, or that you actually receive your wedding album, it's a good idea to choose reputable vendors and check references. This is the hard lesson learned by Lindsay Zora who hired someone to do her engagement portrait, wedding photography, and album. After paying him $1,200, he took the portraits but never showed up at the wedding. Turns out, the Better Business Bureau has received at least eight … [Read more...]

Minimize Wedding Planning Stress by thinking of others

It may seem obvious that being selfishly absorbed in all the minute details of planning a wedding will make those around you miserable. Sensible people will probably realize that obsessing over everything will make you miserable as well. Unfortunately, some people are just so wrapped up in their own needs and desires that they forget to be considerate of the other people who are involved.  Even normally caring individuals can be overwhelmed by planning the perfect day, becoming a little bit … [Read more...]

Avoiding the “Extreme Wedding Makeover” Look

We've all seen women who look like Bridezilla on their big day: caked-on makeup, over-sprayed, way-too-done hair and rows of fake eyelashes. The opposite is equally bleak: women who want the "natural" look and end up looking completely washed-out, especially after the tiny bit of pale lipstick they applied prior to the ceremony has faded. Worse still are those that choose to wear their hair loose and down, and by the middle of the reception their frizzy and unruly locks look … [Read more...]