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Wedding Cupcakes!

What's the draw of cupcakes over the more traditional wedding cake? Um, isn't it obvious? Everything is cuter in miniature! Cupcakes are so much more fun, and trendier than a cake. They are also more versatile, for instance, you can do them in a variety of different flavors or styles. As far as price goes, you can do cupcakes more inexpensively than you can buy a wedding cake, as long as you don't go overboard with those pretty little extras such as laser-cut cupcake wrappers and sugar … [Read more...]

Are you ready for Marriage? Take the Test!

Have you thought through all the details of your wedding day... and thought about your marriage too? Have you accepted all your partner's quirks, even the ones that may annoy you, and resolved to live with them? Can you fight fair? Are you trusting? Are you compatible? Are you ready for marriage?? Take the test and find out! … [Read more...]

Plan your dream wedding without spending a fortune

You want a beautiful wedding with memories you'll always cherish. You want the dress, the flowers, the food, the decor. You want friends and family to have a great time. What you don't want is to start off your marriage saddled with debt. Some couples plan an extravagant wedding, often charging lots of things on their credit cards, thinking they'll make the money back in wedding gifts. Bad idea! "It almost never works out that way, and then you'll be left with massive credit card debts and … [Read more...]

Want a Successful Marriage? 10 Ways to avoid becoming a Divorce Statistic

The sobering truth about marriages today is that 52-percent of them end up dissolving. Young couples marry with visions of themselves celebrating their Golden Wedding anniversary together... yet over half of them split up. That means that your  marriage has an equal chance of success or failure.  How can you ensure that your marriage will flourish year after year? Here are Ten Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage, brought to you by divorce expert Joel Schwartz, who wants to keep young … [Read more...]

Dr. Seuss-inspired Wedding

I'm a huge Dr. Seuss fan (I know, i know, one of millions!) So it's no big surprise that people have incorporated Seussian (did I make up that word?) elements into their weddings. Dr. Seuss inspired wedding vows? Cute! (Here we have version one and version two! They go something like this... Will you love her through good and bad? Whether you're happy or you're sad? Will you love her if you're rich? Or if you're poor and in a ditch?) A Dr. Seuss inspired wedding cake? … [Read more...]

Valentines in Vegas: a Cherry-chocolate Extravaganza

Dr. Pepper is announcing the launch of Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr Pepper, and what better way to celebrate than by offering free weddings to all eligible couples in Vegas on Valentine's Day? (Well, I could think of ways I'd rather celebrate, but who I am to stop a bunch of crazy people from getting their spur of the moment, dream Vegas wedding? And why shouldn't Dr. Pepper capitalize by jumping on the great wedding publicity train?) According to Fox news, "Couples will be given a wedding … [Read more...]

Gorgeous wedding cake with fresh flowers

A friend of mine just got married on Sunday (I was not at the wedding since I'm not in the same country) and her sister sent me some pictures. She looked lovely, and her dress and veil were amazing, but I wouldn't post pictures without her permission. But this cake!! I'll have to find out who made it and what kind of cake it is, but look how beautiful the golden roses look cascading down the side of this rich-looking cake. Hmm, my husband just stopped by to look at the cake and asked if these … [Read more...]

Pick a fight, you’ll live longer!

I read an article called "Marriage: It’s only going to get better" which was a response to another article about a marriage study, called "Marriage: It’s only going to get worse." And I quote: "... a study done by researchers at the University of Michigan found couples tend to view one another as increasingly irritating and demanding the longer they are together. So then I read another headline concerning marriage. This one said “Spouses who fight live longer.” This one topped a … [Read more...]

How to be a Gracious Host at your Wedding

ABC 7online and The Knot put together a list of helfpul hints to make your guests feel simultaneously comfortable, joyful, and excited.  It may take a little patience and forethought, but it's well worth the effort to ensure that everyone at your wedding will be having fun! Review the Guest List  Discuss the invite list with your fiance and your families a week prior to the wedding to avoid any uncomforatable situations, and to find out about key people to meet and any taboo topics (like Aunt … [Read more...]

Which wedding gown would you pick for Jenna Bush?

StyleScoop reports on bride-to-be Jenna Bush, who is set to wed this coming May. In preparation for the big day, Women's Wear Daily asked 12 designers to design a gown just for her. The designers are as follows: 1. Vera Wang 2. J. Mendel 3. Arnold Scaasi 4. Carlos Miele 5. Amsale 6. Carmen Marc Valvo 7. Angel Sanchez 8. Badgley Mischka 9. Nicole Miller 10. Lela Rose 11. Marc Bouwer 12. Oscar de la Renta I vote for Amsale or Oscar de la Renta.  I also love … [Read more...]